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  1. I installed ORBX Norway again. I also changed the insertion point further down to be sure. Also activated Norway in config for the Airport. I can now happily inform that it is working as expected //Jonas
  2. I uninstalled ORBX Norway. Now it is working Why does it not work when FTX Norway is installed? There is a setting for that.
  3. Yes. Norway and Global I have thicked in the config page that I have FTX Norway
  4. I know this has been discussed earlier but no answer is given. And the threads that have answers concern older versions of ENGM. I have a new installation of P3D5. I have installed SODE (latest version), SODE VDGS and GSX. I also have installed AS MEGA Oslo I have double jetwas on several stands. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall AS-Oslo but no success. I have tried to turn on and off and on VDGS in ENGM Config tool. No success. I attache my SODE-log and and screen capture to show. Any solution to this? //Jonas SODE.log
  5. Will there be a discount for the third pack also? The pack including stick, throttle, spoiler and flaps?
  6. I have over 100 of theese posts. That is really a problem. It is hopeless to use the "unread posts" It should also be possible to have (like in almost every oyther forum) a possibilty to mark part of the forym read. If I pres "mark forum as read" it will reset the whole forum. It should be possible to mark sub-forums as read
  7. Thank you for answer. An additional question; do you recommend P3D/FS2020 on system-drive (in a proper folder) or on additional drive
  8. Can you please tell, in short, why you advice at least two drives... Just to be clear; i like the idea with more harddrives but curius why you recommend it so strongly.
  9. Maybe it is already covered but reading in many other topics I can see a pattern regarding onedrive from Microsoft. If Onedrive is connected to you "documents" folder it could be the answer to this problem
  10. Ok. I think I want to keep those sounds Ok. I will. Perfect, thanks! It will take a while before I have time to test. Sorry But I highly doubt that it will be problems. Big thanks! //Jonas
  11. I found the link: But they are also with sound. I thought they where empty... Ok... Then all is like it should be. You can close this one. Thanks //J
  12. But can I hear the checklist then or the FA? It is just the sick pilot that bothers me...
  13. Seems like my zip-file with cough drops have sound. I need to re-download and check again. But I can not find link to the zip file. //J
  14. Hello I have downloaded the zip file for curing the pilots cough and sneeze. I followed the instructions forand put the files in the smaller buses "base"-folders. Surprisingly the pilot was still sick. Then i checked the A330 sounds. There the sneeze and cough is still left. When trying to copy the "healing"-files to 330 base folder they where locked (during flight with A320). It seems that the sounds are taken from wrong directory. The A320 sounds is picked up from A330-folders. Not a big deal but maybe something to look up. //Jonas
  15. Strange. I reported this several weeks ago and the answer from Aerosoft was that it should be rectified in upcoming update. Now the update is here and the problem still exist.
  16. Yes I am fully aware of that I can reduce speed manually but it was a nice feature to have. Also was aware of the acronym (Req Time o Arr) But thanks for explaining how to find it. I will try next flight. Also agree in your last sentence, "wonderful machine"! 😃 Thx //J
  17. Hello I just watched a youtube video about crossing the Atlantic. It explained how the procedures are to recieve clearance from controller (VATSIM or IVAO) to cross the ocean. In that vide they used a PMDG 777 and was there able to entern i time in the MCDU when to pass a certain waypoint. As I understood it is called RTA. Does the busses have this? In real life I know they have but i mean in the AS versions. If the answer is "yes": Where can I find it? f the answer is "no": Is this something that AS consider implement? (Would be nice at least on the A330 since it is long haul) //Jonas
  18. But one thing Simbrief don't do is calculate trim-setting. So I plan on Simbrief then my idea was to use same vales in flightplanner that I had in Simbrief to see trim. That how I discovered that the alternate did not calculate right //J
  19. I download it from Justflight-site and that version works. Maybe it is on Simmarket-server something wrong with the file. //Jonas
  20. I saw this behaviour also earlire but decided to wait for the latest installers for all three buses. I now have followed Daves instructions how to unistall and install in right wway so everything is fresh. I start fuelplanner and choose advanced tab. I make a route from ESSA to ENGM. It is 208nM Fuel planner automatically calculates and comes up with a amount of fuel. If I after that increase "Alternate distance" by one step at the time with the arrows the fuel calculated sometimes increas and sometimes decreas even if every click is 1 nM miles longer. The same behaviour happens on all buses. Exampel: Alt distance 187nM 16997kg (A330) Alt distance 188nM 13125kg (A330) (Less fuel but 1 nM extra) Alt distance 189nM 14039kg (Now increas again) Alt distance 190nM 14953kg (Increas again) Alt distance 194nM 13824kg (Now less than it was on 187 nM but 7nM longer) How come? Maybe it is me that do not understand the logic behind alternate distance. //Jonas
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