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  1. 8th and final flight complete, 12/15/2017 time: 6 hours and 30 minutes (gate to gate) American Airlines 777-300ER KJFK-EGLL (weather: active sky next) good bye america Last takeoff 2 hours in flight, 4 hours to go sun going down last landing! This was a amazing time, flying around the world in FSX with friends and other people, i hope to do this again next year! thanks for looking at my screenshots
  2. 7th flight complete! 12/11/2017 time: 5 hours and 10 minutes (gate to gate) JetBlue a320 KSFO-KJFK (weather: active sky next) at the gate, getting ready for pushback Lining up on RWY 28L for departure Golden Gate bridge view after takeoff a few hours into the flight getting close to the east coast guess where im at
  3. 6th flight complete 11/21/17 time: 9 hours 10 minutes (gate to gate) United Airlines 777-200 RJAA-KSFO (weather: active sky next) UAL 838 cleared for takeoff! climbing up to 39,000ft! around halfway to sfo sun's rising up amazing sunrise above the ocean welcome to sfo, we hope you enjoyed your flight with United Airlines, we hope to see you again!
  4. 5th flight finished 11/10/17, time: 3 hours and 50 minutes (gate to gate) JAL 737-800 VHHH-RJAA (weather: active sky next) departure from Hong Kong in the early morning amazing sunrise from the cockpit halfway to Japan! short final, flaps 30, landing gear down, cleared for landing!
  5. 4th flight completed 10/28/17 time: 3 hours and 30 minutes 737-700 Air China VECC-VHHH (weather: active sky next) pushing back out of the gate foggy departure out of VECC cruising at 37,000 ft getting close to Hong Kong 50,40,30,20,10
  6. 3rd flight completed, 10/24/17 time: 2 hours and 50 minutes (gate to gate) 737-800 SpiceJet VABB-VECC (weather: active sky next) Cleared for taxi! Climbing to FL360 almost half way there! Jump seat view from final approach! crosswind landing down the center line!
  7. second flight complete: 10/10/17 time: 6 hours and 15 minutes (gate to gate) 737-800 Spicejet HECA-VABB (weather: active sky next) climbing to 37000ft sunset halfway the flight foggy landing (real time weather) at VABB (short final)
  8. First Flight complete: 10/3/17 time: 4 hours 29 min (gate to gate) a320 British Airways EGLC-HECA: (weather: Active sky next) Departure from EGLC above the alps on short final to HECA
  9. 8th And Final Flight: KJFK-EGLL. Aircraft: PMDG 777-300ER American Airlines Route: MERIT4 PUT J42 BOS J575 TUSKY N435A TUDEP NATS GISTI SLANY UL9 DIKAS UL18 GAVGO UL9 KENET OCK1A Aircraft:
  10. 7th Flight: KSFO-KJFK Aircraft: Aerosoft A320 Jetblue Route: SNTNA2 TIPRE Q126 INSLO DTA J148 MTU J157 BFF ONL FOD KG75M DAFLU J70 STENT J70 MAGIO J70 LVZ LENDY6 Aircraft:
  11. 6th Flight: RJAA-KSFO, Aircraft: PMDG 777-200 United Airlines Route: CUPID3 CUPID Y808 ALLEN Y812 SCORE OTR11 AVBET OTR9 EMRON 41N160E 42N170E 44N180E 46N170W 48N160W 48N150W 45N140W 41N130W FATMO PAINT PIRAT OSI Aircraft:
  12. 5th Flight: VHHH-RJAA. Aircraft: PMDG 737-800 JAL livery Route: OCEA2D OCEAN V3 ENVAR M750 BUNGU Y81 BINKS BINKSA Aircraft:
  13. Fourth flight: VECC-VHHH. Aircraft: PMDG 737-700 Air China Route: SEGOL SUMAG B465 DAKID W14 CTG A599 GULOT W146 XSJ W148 LXI A599 GYA B330 POU R473 SIERA SIER7C Aircraft:
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