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  1. So is there a way to fix it? Or is it up to steam? If it is up to steam, how can i report it to them so they can take a look at it?
  2. Is this a glitch with steam? And is there a fix for this except by removing the terr on nd file?
  3. here is the screenshot: and yes, i downloaded everything steam gave me for it. it came in 2 addons (a319/18) (a320/21) and i have installed them.
  4. every since i bought it off steam (it came out a few days ago) every time i fly it after takeoff it activates "terr on ND" and it shows the whole map red (most of the time). it alarms me exept when im below fl320 and it does not deactivate the alarm unless i climb above fl320. this is very annoying! also i tried reinstalling it and everything and looked up the web, but i could not find anyone who has this problem. also when i bank the plane it stutters very weirdly. please help me asap! i paid 55usd for this! http://prntscr.com/elqrw7
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