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  1. I am looking to buy the PFPX, but I have a question before buy. Can I install the PFPX on iPad ???
  2. I saw in FSElite an article that the developer that developed the Aerosoft LIMC Milano airport, now he is developing the LLBG airport. I saw some of the pictures and the resolution look real. Will this airport be in Aerosoft Shop ??? Thanks
  3. The technology from TFDi Design trueglass and the Real Light will be support with A330 ??? I purchased the Airbus Bundle so Will I need to pay only ONE Time 16.95 Euro for the A320/1 and the A318/9 or I need to pay 16.95 Euro for A320/1 and 16.95 Euro for A318/9 so the total is 33.9 Euro ??? Thanks
  4. good to hear that Thanks Can't wait for the aircraft with the all new features
  5. The weather radar in the new airbus required active sky for p3d v4 or the weather radar complet with p3d v4 defaults weather ?
  6. In the new series of the airbus. Will we see an EFB or an iPad like TFDI Design did with their 717 ???
  7. Hello aerosoft Hardware Forum I saw the Logitech - Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System website: https://www.aerosoft.com/en/fsxp3d/hardware/yokes/27/logitech-saitek-pro-flight-yoke-system?c=317. I want to know is this product compatible with Prepar3D v4.1 and Windows 10 64bit ? The support for this product and the new update like drivers and etc. Will I receive them from aerosoft or Logitech ? I saw the difference in the price from Logitech to aerosoft and I want to be sure I will get the same assistance. Waiting for an answer Thanks
  8. Hello Aerosoft Will the LLBG complete with P3D v4 ? Waiting for an answer Thanks
  9. Thanks for fast answer You have good suppor Good Job Aerosoft Can't wait for the Airbus Bundle Professional for P3D v4
  10. How much will the cost of the update be for P3D v4 for costumer with the Airbus Bundle ? Good job I hope for release at 2017
  11. Hello Aerosoft A318/A319/A321/A321/A33 Professional Preview Will the A318/A319/A321/A321 be release for the new sim P3D v4 at 2017 or somewhere at 2018 ? Waiting for an answer Thanks
  12. Hello Aerosoft Airbus Forum I vey like the airbus from aerosoft (its amazing plane). I want to know. When is the date the aribus upgrade to the new sim P3D v4 ? And how much will be the cost for the update ? Waiting for an answer Thanks
  13. Hello When is the release date for update a318-a321 to p3d v4 ??? Waiting for an answer Thanks
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