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  1. For what you say seems to be a lack of video card. Try to uncheck the option to remove anti-aliasing or anisotropic and trilinear place to see if you still receive those defects. In my case I had a similar problem some time ago I resolved then. For if you did some upgrades to the PC? Did you have substituted a new video card instead of the old or new ram .... Remeber that Aerosoft Manhattan is a good test to see test the stability of FSX because in that area the PC is put under a lot of stress. Ther must be made lot of calculations there, so small changes are enough to fill the ram and blow up the textures.
  2. Thanks SAsa that was the problem. I have the OZx Liguria scenery installed and activated. They say the issue is caused from the newbalbi.bgl file. Dou you suggest I have to rename that file, or I have to deactivate all the OZx scenery?
  3. I suggest Rimini Mil LIPR and Bologna both in center Italy.
  4. It is a long time since I flew on Meigs Field just today I decided to make a VFR flight over the beautiful scenery of U.S. Cities Chicago. So I realized that above the runway floats something strange. They look like 2 strange buildings see the picture attached. Someone could help me out? I tried overlaps with FSX airport scanner but I have not found anything unusual. I look forward to your help. I forgot that if could help I use KORD from FSDreamteam but it is at a layer on top and at a bottom layer i'm using mytraffic 5.3b, GEX USA and UTUSA. Thanks in advance Sincerly Andrea.
  5. Unfortunately, I turned off 3d objects in UTE but the problem remains.
  6. All the scenery that I have, have been installed as administrator. I have no other additional scenarios in London. Is there any scenery that creates conflict, what can it be? Perhaps UTE ?
  7. I realized only now that the buildings in London are double (see the picture attached please). What a way to exclude the default London object of FSX? I want to clarify that I do not use DX10 preview and no bloom. FSX ACC. already installed, the version of VFR LONDON X is the latest 1.30. I also installed the latest versions of UTE and GEX EUROPE. Can you tell me what causes this problem? Thank you for your patience.
  8. I think about would be a good offer the Amalfi Coast including the cities of Naples Capodichino Airport and adjoining. Who does not buy?
  9. Thanks for the 2 files, now the scenery works very well for me the major issues are solved. Before patching at night the airport was very low in frame 3/4 fps, impossible to fly!
  10. Sorry but no answer for this problem? What do you suggest for that holes?
  11. Hy guys, as you can see in the screens I found some static aircraft in German apts 3 (bei Tegel). I installed the scenery without static aircraft (cause i have MytrafficX 2010 installed) but the airports shows double parked airplanes. Perhaps there are some files which have to been deleted. Please let me know which files I have to rename or if there is some patch to resolve the issue. Thanks in advance. Andrea.
  12. Dear Sirs, please take a look at the picture below as you can see there are some holes on the ground bei Thun airfields. I'm using two scenery Kleinflugp.5 und Switzwerland X Pro. Is there some patch to solve the issue?
  13. Hallo! Ich hab nur eine Frage bitte. Ich wäre neugierig zu erfahren, welches Verkehr Programm installiert wurde?
  14. Hi, I bought this box version and unfortunately I found some problems on different runway at night in (KLGA)la guardia, in Charlotte Douglas (KCLT) and Nassau(MYNN). I remember that something similar happened with Malta scenery v2 for fsx and the producer resolve this with a patch. See the picture please. I inform you that preview DX10 and the bloom are disable. Thanks for your opinion.
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