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  1. Hey, looks like HF2 has cleared up this issue.
  2. Hello, I do have orbx products installed outside the P3D folder. Thanks for looking into a fix even though it is on LM's end.
  3. Hi, I did run an uninstall and reinstall but the issue was not fixed. I didn't activate the scenery manually - it is in the sim at `D:\P3DV5 Addons\TailstrikeDesigns - LICR V5\Scenery`. I do have an Autogen folder under the root `TailstrikeDesigns - LICR V5` directory.
  4. Hello, some of the surrounding builds are not showing for me in v5 (see attached screenshot). Based on the images/video I saw there should be some buildings present. I have scenery complexity and autogen building density set to very dense. The insertion point in the scenery libarary is #2 and I can't find any bgls that might be conflicting. Any thoughts? Thanks
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