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  1. Many thanks again, Bob. If only Aerosoft would be so responsive!! SODE seems to be solved. I've looked at the solution for the ILS provided by Radeon29, Unfortunately I have no clue what I shall do with the 3 files he provided... best wishes, Andreas
  2. Many thanks Bob, I've tried to understand and follow the thread of the topic you suggested. As I do not have double jetways, but just jetways catapulting the passengers into the air, I think I might have a different issue. Anyway, I just disabled the SODE jetways and now it works. HOWEVER - AND THIS IS TO BE READ BY THE AEROSOFT MANAGEMENT: It can't be that Aerosoft sells products that are not properly working. This issue with the SODE jetways is more than a year old, and still not solved. The same applies for the changed ILS frequency at LSGG. The update
  3. SODE jetways selected. Any ideas? Solutions welcome Many thanks in advance, Andreas
  4. Can't access the charts since this morning. Whats going on? Any idea? Do I need to switch to Navigraph to get a reliably available source? Many thanks Andreas
  5. I can't access NavData Pro charts for the third time in less than a week. This becomes a nuisance. A real nuisance. I honestly consider to witch over to Navigraph. Please do something. Many thanks Andreas
  6. Many thanks Tom. We'll just have to wait until the migration is done. A couple of hours or so, I've been told...
  7. Many thanks! All is OK when one knows what is going on. Good luck with the migration.
  8. Hi Mathijs, Thanks for this reply. Slow is one thing - but not being accessible is a completely different matter. I am stuck to the login page this morning and can't get beyond. Any remedies please? Thanks in advance, Andreas
  9. I have tried several times today to access NavData Pro charts. However only the login page appears, sling for my e-mail and serial number. I enter those (which are still valid), but to no avail. I can't get beyond this login page. Any ideas please? Many thanks, Andreas
  10. same problem - still no charts showing...
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