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  1. 2019 and still not implemented!! no other comment..
  2. you're not helping a lot with this lol extended guide is required as the program in based on multiple repairs section
  3. Same is happening to me now. I think something with windows 10 update 1809 messed up, because before it was working perfectly, hopefully is will be solved soon.
  4. I don't have any security software a part from windows defender, I have open REX+ASP4+vPilot+EFBv2 but when PFPX opens, oh lord please open the skies, u have to pray to get to the close icon or try and use the keyboard for ALT+F4
  5. Every time I open PFPX v2.03 my system lags!!! is absolutely ridiculous!!!! (9900k CPU) anyone having the same problem?
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