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  1. For some reason, without changing anything, I now have working DGS and Marshallers, so please consider the subject closed.
  2. Since posting I deleted all SAM and Autogate files and reinstalled using SAM Suite (ver 2.0.7) plus reinstalled the scenery but there is no difference. Jetways are operating but no docking guidance or Marshallers on non DGS stands.
  3. I have just installed this scenery with the SAM and Autogate plugins. The Jetways operate in Manual mode but not in automatic, but my main concern is the Docking Guidance System which does not operate. The display shows the time at the bottom but no aircraft information. All files appear to be in the right place i.e. SAM and Autogate files in plugins, SAM_Library in Custom Scenery and the scenery_packs.ini is pointing to the Library in both Custom Scenery and plugins\SAM\lib\SAM_Library Don Alexander
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