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    Is this project (Prague) still alive? Just checking!
  2. OPabst and Mathijs, Thank you for the explanation of why this product is different than the other sceneries that have been done in the past. I have a complete understanding of why this scenery is this way. I am one of the few then that still uses FS9 and FSX. I use FS9 for my long haul flights, and FSX for my VFR and short haul flights. With that said, I think that is why I was surprised about this setup. Since you have so nicely explained everything to me, I will have no issues buying both, and say thank you for the 50% discount! Again, Thank you for the explanation.
  3. I understand the cost that SimWings had during this process, and the additional time that it will take to port the FSX to FS9, and then make all the modifications that are required. I think that this concept just surprises coming from these 2 companies that have not done this in the past. I will buy this scenery without a doubt. Again, I am just surprised in this move. This is the type of pricing I would expect from BP or Ima***Sim; just as I would not expect FT or FSDT to do something like this (and yes, I think of SW and AS in the same quality). I am willing to pay $35(USD) for a scenery package; but I have never come across a scenery package that is worth $45 (USD), or maybe a small few.
  4. I have been waiting for this airport for a long time, and it looks great. However, the fact that FS9 is only going to be available at an additional cost is really making me reconsider this purchase. I know that AS and SW sceneries are worth the cost, but this is something I am not use to seeing from either company. If this product was coming from a designer of lesser quality, I would expect that, but this one is really disappointing. I know I will end up buying it, but I dont know when or which one. Either way, Thank you for making the scenery!
  5. Is it just me, or do the Tow/ Push bars look way to big?
  6. I can not wait for this to be released. Munich will be a must have. Credit Card is ready and waiting!
  7. CX 747-400

    Airbus X

    Lets try that comparison with the correct aircraft. We can not talk about the A320, and show pics of B737. The Boeing 737 has a lot a flex to it, but I dont see enough in the A320 to in worry about it.
  8. And this is why I will always say you are the best, and AES is the best thing ever!!!!! It just gets better!!!
  9. Looks great. I can not wait to add this to my destinations list.
  10. Thank you for your response. With the quality of the cars, and equipment that this add on has, is there a way to use them, and replace the AES equipment?
  11. This new add on looks great, and adds a lot of detail to the airport grounds, but how will it effect AES? Does anyone yet? I want to get it, but not unless it will play nice with AES. http://secure.simmar...-basepack.phtml
  12. I know that it very annoying for people to ask question about the time frame of release of new scenery, however, I find responding in this fashion a little bit more annoying than the orignal question. If the question bothers you so much, why bother posting a rude response? No response would have been better. That is my two cents. ------------------- Back on topic. Munich is looking amazing. I can not wait to get my hands on it!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!
  13. has not set their status

  14. Wow.... once again, another first class product!!!!!!
  15. Is AES 2.6 compatible with the new KATL 2.0 from Imaginesim?
  16. Looks amazing!!!! I cant wait to retire the C9 version that is on my machine. Maybe it is just me, but the tower still doesnt look right.
  17. Same thing with the Continental. Plus the Orange seem wrong.
  18. That is great news. Looks like I will be buying my first german scenery.
  19. WOW!!! You guys have done a great job with this one. This would be a product worth buying if I was a FSX user. Luckly for my wallet, I am still an FS9 type of person. Congrats on another great product.
  20. I havent purchased only of the German sceneries that you have made, but this one looks almost to good to not buy. I did some research, and was unable to find an answer. Can you tell me if Tegel is large enought to handle the "Heavies" (747 / 777)?
  21. This is supposed to be the "nice" forum.... Why cant we all just get along?
  22. I would buy it for FS9. Even just the Airport.
  23. This is looking great. I cant wait for its release. Keep up the great work!!!
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