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  1. Actually after examining the scenery with ADE I think the runway has the right orientation. Nevertheless in the choose runway/starting position in FSX the options available are 01 and 19. As you probably realized I'm new to the FS world and I get confused plenty of times. Cheers, Luís PS: I finally managed to fix (add) the missing A6 gate in LPMA using ADE as well as making ATC pronounce Madeira. Your link was useful the problem was related with the names given to the frequencies.
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    Great news. Count me in for those Cheers, Luís
  3. Thank you for the reply. Both of them (AFX and ADE) probably work in a very similar manner (I could be wrong). Being that said, and since I couldn't "fix" my problems with ADE, I will probably suffer from the same difficulties using AFX. It makes no sense spending money on it. There is another thing I would like to ask, that I missed in my first post. It has to do with the magnetic variation and the LPPS RNWY. Both (Default and Aerosoft) are defined as RNWY 1 and RNWY 19, although the Aerosoft scenery shows correctly RNWY 18 and RNWY 36 paints... But I guess it will still suffers from a wrong orientation (not sure). Am I right? Can you please give me some inputs about this? Thank you. Luís
  4. Hi all, 1) After Madeira X, ATC stooped saying Madeira tower or Madeira ground. ATC will only use Tower or Ground. Any tips? I tried to fix this issue opening the AF2_LPMA.BGL file in ADE, but I suck at best using it, and I wasn't good enough to find a solution. In Porto Santo everything is ok. 2) I don't like that static blue plane in LPMA airport so I renamed the file Madeira_Planes1_Lib.BGL to Madeira_Planes1_Lib.BAK and it worked. I tried for a couple of hours to fill the gap left by the static plane with ADE, but once again I was unable to do so. Anyone has a new (correct/complete) AF2_LPMA.BGL to use with the scenery? 3) Is there a way to prevent ATC at Porto Santo to stop using the military ramps to park general aviation? A new AF2_LPPS.BGL file maybe? 4) This subject has to do with some visual landmarks regarding Porto Santo Island. There's an important radar that is missing on the biggest mountain of the island. And there is also a huge TV antenna missing on a smaller elevation situated in the east side of the island. The ship docked in Porto Santo harbor is a lot different from the one that does the real connection between the 2 islands. I remember seeing screenshots with the right one in the FS9 scenery. 5) Last but not least, I really hope the developer team arranges a solution to the approach lights of LPMA RNWY 05. Overall good work Aerosoft, thanks in advance and I hope I can have some feedback from you. Cheers, Luís
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