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  1. You can close out this thread if you like as I have solved my Device Hung Issue. I uninstalled Aerosoft Airbus and Download FSLABS into my computer, than I took a 4hr flight and landed without DXGI. You guys really should listen to your customers and fix the issue. Thanks. Mike
  2. @masterhawk Aerosoft has issues with there airbus aircraft & I want to know when you they are planning on fixing the issue. I have went down to 1 monitor, I put my P3D setting at default and I still get DEVICE HUNG. I tired of people telling me that it's my system when it's not and it's not my sim.
  3. I have tried everything I can possibly think of and it all ends the same, Device Hung. I'm on P3D V5.2 and I have removed, real light & true Glass in the Airbus and still get the error. I do have a Brand New AMD 6800XT video card so I know I have enough VRAM to run it. I also can run other models without any issues at all. Is anyone in Aerosoft working on fixing the issue or is their a different fix that I may not be aware of? My brother went to FSLABS during 5.1 HF1 and he has not had any problems and we are pretty much running on the same system, with the same simulator settings and the exact same video card. I have attached a copy of the error.
  4. I have installed the New P3D V5.2 and flown the Airbus A320 and still got a DEVICE HUNG. It has been pretty upsetting because no one wants to fix the issue, so now I'm forced to Purchase FSlabs aircraft so I can fly the Airbus and they have no issues at all..
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