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  1. God I'm being such a pain in the ass this morning.. lol As a new customer to this software, I am not seeing an Operations Manual for the A320 series I've downloaded.
  2. It would be nice if I can find the Allegiant Airlines A320 CFM to ad.
  3. You would think so... I went thru it and found nothing. So I just removed the Allegiant addon. Are you aware of a link to get addons?
  4. Morning all. I purchased the Airbus series this morning and learning how it all works from Aerosoft. I found an Allegiant Air addon. Used the Addon Livery Manager. Now when I start my FSX, I get a message saying there are multiple objects with the same name, yet when I go into the Airplanes files, cfg etc.. I do not see any duplicates. Please advise..
  5. Hi gang. I am new to this product and seem to enjoy it's graphics etc. How ever, I feel a little confused as to where I find texture addons. I am looking for the Allegiant Airlines addon as they're fleet consists of A319 & 320.
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