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  1. Hello everyone, I want to make it clear that I had tried all of the suggestions above by Dave. As I do use sound card and some equalizer settings, it was the first thing that came into my mind before I started participating in this thread. I also tried with my motherboard audio just to be sure and it did not help. The only thing that I found interesting from Dave's suggestions was the P3D version and its updating process. I have updated P3D Client and Content to 4.5 (only scenery is 4.4) and then the "whole P3D installation" labeled only as "P3D Academic" in the control panel programs has the same version as the scenery part. That whole installation version only changes when you do full reinstall for P3D but even back in the 4.4 I had this problem (4.4 was a full reinstall). The reason why I did not report it that time was because I thought it was one of those bugs that will soon be fixed.. So, what I can clear up is that this sound problem cannot be something to do with the sound itself because I can hear it in some cases (when using panel state which has engines running). The problem is that the sound does not play in a particular case, which is when using the IGN mode in engine mode selector. That is why I believe the problem is there. But if not all users have reported it, does it necessarily mean the problem doesn't exist on their side, too? What I would like to ask now is: Is there a way to get more information about what is the ignition mode doing? Can I for example enable logging that could log what is happening when I use the engine mode selector. As far as P3D content logging goes, it did not give any results. EDIT: I forgot to mention that I currently have the newest update for the Airbuses A318..A321 Thanks in advance -Jan
  2. Hello, I can confirm this problem with version but I have managed to trace down the cause on my side: If you load the plane with any preset panel state (except c&d) and turn off the engines, the sounds will play. But if you load at cold & dark and start the engines, the engines when they start, the ignition process kind of hangs when N1 reaches 6.5 % and then the startup sound might be skipped. And this ignition thing directly affects the shutdown sounds: If you start the engines by yourself with the correct procedure and using the IGN in mode selector, then you get this ignition problem and the shutdown sounds will never play. (For a workaround so you can hear the engines' shutdown sound even when operating the engines by yourself, then you can press CTRL + E (the default startup command) and set on the respective ENG master start switch. Note that you may not use the mode selector in IGN START mode otherwise that creates the sound problem.) So to put the cause in short, from my discoverings it's the engine mode selector that has something to do with this problem. Hopefully it can be looked and possibly fixed. Cheers, Jan
  3. Ylibropro, I have the same problem. I tried that method but it still says me that error. What was the another method?
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