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  1. Hello everyone, I want to make it clear that I had tried all of the suggestions above by Dave. As I do use sound card and some equalizer settings, it was the first thing that came into my mind before I started participating in this thread. I also tried with my motherboard audio just to be sure and it did not help. The only thing that I found interesting from Dave's suggestions was the P3D version and its updating process. I have updated P3D Client and Content to 4.5 (only scenery is 4.4) and then the "whole P3D installation" labeled only as "P3D Academic" in the control panel program
  2. Hello, I can confirm this problem with version but I have managed to trace down the cause on my side: If you load the plane with any preset panel state (except c&d) and turn off the engines, the sounds will play. But if you load at cold & dark and start the engines, the engines when they start, the ignition process kind of hangs when N1 reaches 6.5 % and then the startup sound might be skipped. And this ignition thing directly affects the shutdown sounds: If you start the engines by yourself with the correct procedure and using the IGN in mode selector, then you get this i
  3. Ylibropro, I have the same problem. I tried that method but it still says me that error. What was the another method?
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