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  1. Global Sentinel Press Friday July 31, 2468 Approximately 40 speclas off the coast of Guleib, trillionaire aviation/aeronautics collector and expert pilot, Deelian Andrometer, was rescued yesterday from certain death. Andrometer had flown from the northern region of Rowethia, and was flying in a recently refurbished antique F-16 jet fighter, when an unidentified computer problem emerged. He says that he thought for sure that he was going to die because the very old ejection mechanism had long since been de-activated for safety reasons. But he issued a call for help anyway, on th
  2. Nope, doesnt do the trick. Thanks for the response though.
  3. I am above 18000 feet and trying to do a screenshot that requires slew mode. I am trying to shut off the engines so I do not have ANY exhaust visibility. Of course, above 18k, any kind of engine activity is going to produce a cloud. I need to shut this down completely to freeze a shot. F1 doesnt work. Anyone?
  4. All the May screen-shots sucked and nobody was funny last month... ...Or Shaun went on a hike with the South Carolina Governor....
  5. Lol! That is exactly what I noticed! Its like - HELLO! You are missing an incredibly bizarre event that you ostensibly brought yourself to watch... The one dude in the white shirt seems focused on the brunette in the light blue shirts' butt in front of him
  6. A little side-by-side game of "chicken", somewhere over the North Atlantic - both turkeys lost their licenses:
  7. If he doesnt pull out of that immediately, hes gonna lose more than a license...
  8. Mind boggling ideas and I am hugely enthused. I skimmed most everything and didnt see anything about cloud shadows - on each other and the ground - along with corresponding light rays that relate to cloud location, weather and sun location. With that said, this is an immense task. It seems that so many of these ideas are phenomenal but would be massively difficult to implement and maintain a reasonable level of cpu/ram/gpu demand. Good luck and Kudos for the courage and tenacity. No other company is worthy of this I think.
  9. "I left my heart, in San Fransisco" ... in 1984. Her name was Susan Parks. Dedicated to you baby girl.
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