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  1. From the Ng gauges, it looks like you didn't pull the condition levers back to Normal Flight.
  2. Finn, I think Simon has it right: the error is in the fuel type and the weight difference assumed by FSX. I also came across this: http://www.ov-10bronco.net/faq.cfm Under the weapons question (oddly enough), I found this: "The centerline station (only) can carry one 150 US gallon or one 230 US gallon drop tank. The under wing hardpoints can each carry a 100 US gallon drop tank. The five self sealing bladder wing tanks totalled 252 US gallons." And also this: "The cargo capacity of an OV-10A is 3,200 pounds and 110 cubic feet." Interesting.
  3. Here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php/topic/51096-tristans-ov-10-n4090f-smilewhere-is-my-paintkit/ It's toward the bottom of the thread.
  4. The USMC used to fly them out of Camp Pendleton, just north of San Diego.
  5. Yeah, that was a nice gift. Thanks, Tristan. Downloading now!
  6. Yoda


    Ah. Thanks! I'd been looking in the pdf manual.
  7. Yoda


    Fantastic airplane. I love it! I am curious about the limitations, though...I get the 1875 ft/lbs continuous torque limit, but what are Vyse, Vle, and Vfe?
  8. Jankees, Please post that paint somewhere!!!!
  9. I redownloaded the Twin Otter ASC on Friday, and discovered that the DME unit in the -100 wheels is still missing. Seems to be the only "gripe" remaining with the ASC update. Any idea how I can correct this?
  10. Problem solved! Go to the ImagineSim website and download the TJSJ service pack for FSX SP2.
  11. AES let me assign credits to TJSJ, but when saving changes, I get this message: "Error while copy Addonfile <JETWAYS_ACTIVE_01.BGL> errorcode:-8". Any thoughts?
  12. If you have a wheel mouse, try using the wheel. Also, I've noticed that if you put the cursor closer to the base of the switch than the tip, it doesn't pop back to center.
  13. Yago, I noticed on your Fire Eaters livery that on one side of the tail she's painted "53" and on the other, she's "35".
  14. Finn, Good point. It is. Automixture. (((shudder)))
  15. Paul, Roger that. Figured it out last night on my own. :-)
  16. Immediately after picking up the crew and taking off the second time, I lose power and get the Flying Tip that the engine mixture is not set correctly. Nothing seems to correct the condition. The mixture is set to AUTO RICH. AUTO LEAN does not correct the problem. Power is set correctly, i.e. 35" MP and 2300 RPM. Airspeed 95 KIAS. Cowl gills are open. I have tried with and without carburetor anti-ice set to hot. Other anti-ice features have no effect. I also considered the possibility that I'd fouled the plugs while waiting for the crew to load at the dock, and kept the RPMs above 100
  17. I'm not so sure, Gilles. There's something else going on. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, I've also installed and uninstalled Acceleration on my machine, and the mission doesn't work for me, either.
  18. Ty, That looks AWESOME! Thanks very much for doing it!
  19. Didn't work for me, either. Same symptoms -- opens up as free flight, but without access to the flight planner.
  20. Mike, I can live with agreeing to disagree...from a mission creation standpoint, what you're saying is undoubtedly true. Gilles and I do have that question remaining, however -- will there be a fix for the existing mission, and will subsequent missions for the PBY be usable by those of us who do not have Acceleration installed?
  21. Yes. Try moving the throttles forward a touch. What's happening is that the eye point is inside one of the throttles, so your cursor isn't touching the fuel tank selector switch.
  22. Thank you very, very much!
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