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  1. Well that definitely could be the case. Furthermore, there is a special ALT restriction on that STAR into Vienna which is only active during a part of the day. Maybe the IFPS thinks that I had to make it below FL170 in time for MASUR (I didn't since I was landing at 2300Z), so thought that I would have been below FL325 (required for the direct). The odd thing is that I tried to insert a restriction in my IFPS text (N0478F370) to see if I could tell it I wouldn't descend before BUDEX but that didn't work... But I definitely think that you must be onto something, relating to the altitude, since my return flight took me on a direct across Czech airspace with no issues! Anyways, thanks David for your very helpful RAD restrictions that you methodically upload with every new cycle! It really reduced the amount of work I have needed to do to get valid routes, keep it up!
  2. Stephen, Thanks again for your answer, just in time for my departure! I also thought that it could because PFPX thought the aircraft was descending in Czech airspace, so I had tried to force it to maintain FL370 until the exit of LKAA. That didn't fix it unfortunately... (Hopefully once the FRA transition is complete, this issues will be irrelevant) Have a great day!
  3. Hello, I have previously asked for help here when I cannot find a solution to a routing. Today, I am having trouble with DCTs in LKAA (Czech Airspace). According to the Appendix 4 of the current RAD (2004), LKAA has a Horizontal DCT limit of 0NM, however, certain DCTs are exempted from this rule. Recently, as the LKAA airspace is transitioning to become a FRA, certain airways have been removed, so some DCTs are necessary, for example to perfom the BUDE1W STAR at LOWW. As you can see, there are no airways arriving at ABUDO. Thankfully, the Appendix 4 specifies there is an exception to the no DCT rule. So normally, I should be able to file this DCT at any time (H24). However, if I try to validate my FPL, I receive a DCT limit exceeded error. Would anyone know where I am making a mistake? Thanks in advance! Here is my IFPS text (FPL-N704AN-IN -B77L/H-SDE1E3FGHIJ3J5J6M1M2RWXYZ/LB1D1 -KMIA1230 -N0476F370 VKZ DCT PBI DCT ADOOR M202 MUNEY DCT 41N060W 45N050W 50N040W 53N030W 55N020W DCT RESNO DCT NETKI DCT NIBOG DCT REMSI L603 BELOX DCT BUKUT L603 LAMSO DCT EVELI DCT PAM L620 ARNEM DCT PODIP DCT TESGA DCT OSBIT UZ205 LULAR DCT ABUDO Z205 BUDEX -LOWW0943 -PBN/A1B1D1O1S2 NAV/RNVD1E2A1 DOF/200415 REG/N704AN)
  4. Ah alright well I guess it remains a half-mystery then! Thanks again for the help!
  5. Thanks for your reply Stephen! Indeed that does seem to clear all the errors, but any idea why? And more importantly why can I not find ED3737 in the RAD? That was pretty weird for me, as that is normally the magic document with all my answers! Also, out of curiosity, how did you solve the issue? Trial and error? (So if this ever happens again I can try to fix it myself) Thanks Again! -Diego Van Overberghe
  6. Hello all, I usually validate all of my FPLs using eurocontrol's IFPUV Free Text Editor. There is however one flight for which I am unable to find a restriction in the RAD. Here is the IFPS Text (FPL-KLM6609-IN -B738/M-SDE1FGHIJ1RWXYZ/LB1 -EHAM1520 -N0449F350 EDUPO UZ738 MISGO UZ741 GMH UL603 TESGA UZ729 BOMBI T104 XERUM M867 BAVAX Z106 MANAL M736 TULSI -LOWI0112 LSZH -PBN/A1B1C1D1L1O1S1 NAV/RNVD1E2A1 DOF/191029 REG/PHBGB EET/EDVV0013 EDUU0024 EDMM0055 LOVV0101 RVR/200 PER/C RMK/UNABLE TO VALIDATE IFPS COULD NOT FIND REF:ED3737 -E/0215) You can try to validate yourself, just change the DOF/191029 to DOF/19MMDD (with MM month and DD day). I find a ED3737 PROF205 Error, and upon searching for this restriction in the RAD cannot find anything. If anyone could let me know what the restriction is, I would be greatful! Thanks all, -Diego Van Overberghe P.S. this strictly speaking doesn't have to do with PFPX (even if I planned the flight in PFPX) but it is a Flight Planning related question!
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