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  1. I’m in the process of sending the product back to Honeycomb/AS because it’s faulty.
    The master of Honeycomb bindings. Top job sir! Thank you!!
  2. Version 1.1


    Profiles for the Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo. Includes printable labels for the Bravo toggle switches and PDFs explaining the mappings. Important: I suggest creating a blank joystick profile (particularly for the Bravo) in XP11 (to avoid conflicting assignments!) and simply adding in the assignments recommended in the included documentation indicated by an asterisk (*). Tested extensively - if you find any errors please comment or suggest an improvement and I will try to fix as soon as I can! Currently only the following lights (for the Bravo) are programmed: Master Warning Master Caution Engine Fire Parking Brake (only shows if you've set it properly ) Anti Ice Starter Engaged APU Door Note 1: The aircraft needs to be electrically powered for the lights to work. Note 2: Ensure all Yoke switches are in the up position and all on the Bravo are down before loading up for optimum results. I programmed (most) switches to operate in the direction they operate in the sim. UPDATE 25 JAN 22: Reverser bindings would only work on the Honeycomb Airbus throttle set - updated to work with the original 'Boeing' style throttles. File included if you wish to use your Airbus levers which adds an extra button (ATS Disconnect on lever 2). Currently, I cannot seem to program TOGA, Max reverse or AP Disc functions as these variables don't seem to work in the HC Configurator. Will update if a fix appears in the future. Credits to Dendarian (Ian) who has been incredibly helpful!
  3. Hi there, Registered a ticket with Honeycomb too. Recently, I've noticed the following not working on my Bravo Quad: Gear Lever Flap lever toggle button (white lever) 7 rocker switches in front of the levers AP function buttons between the HDG/VS/ALT rotary knob and DECR/INCR rotary knob I've tried using blank profiles in the Honeycomb manager software but none of the buttons are registering even in the Windows USB controllers calibration panel either. I'm running latest version of Honeycomb software. Support would be most appreciated. Thanks!
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