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  1. Thanks so much for your answer, I'll follow your advise and next time I will manually select the localizer on the nav source and I hope your advice of turning off and on again the FD fixes everithing. Thanks and take care!
  2. Thanks so much for your reply, I always have my radios on auto tuning, regarding the nav source, in my case it didn't change automatically but I'll try to do it manually next time and see if that makes the difference. Next time I'll try doing a video if the problem persists but I've never done one so it may be interesting. Thanks anyway and take care!
  3. Hi first of all thank you so much for this amazing plane cause it has improve FS2020 a lot. My problem is that after intercepting the glideslope (GS turns green) the plane starts to pitch down and lose altitude away from the glideslope, this forces me to deactivate the autopilot and take manual control. Has anyone experienced this error? In the attached image you can see how despite the GS being activated, the FD wants the plane to start to fall apart very quickly. Right after this capture the plane started to lose altitude very fast and I had to take control. This error always happens to me and I am somewhat desperate. Thanks Diego
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