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  1. For gods sake ... again only full installer? Whats wrong with the ASUpdater?
  2. I'm ing annoyed that i have to download whole installers every third time just for some updates. Thats really odd. Use the handy ASUpdater, that may mean more preparing for the update tool than to just pack up a new whole installer but FOR GOD SAKE send updates via Updater! Even the serial no. is not saved, that means every time i have also to get the serial no. from my account. VERY customer-unfriendly.
  3. Try following: disable FXAA, switch to 2xSSAA and reduce shadow quality and drawing distance for one notch. Then try again.
  4. You didn't "recheck" all planes, not in a way you can find the culprit. Choose a special scenery (date/time) where the loading is stuck and use this for any test. Check which carriers are on EDDM at this point, than deactivate the first bgl (for example LH) and try again. Rinse and repeat until the scenery loads.
  5. Only with SODE traffic detection ON ... that may point to an AI model with bad door placement in the cfg file. Never had that before, but you can check WHICH planes/carriers are on the gates when loading, so you could deactivate single bgls and see WHEN the scenery will load. Trial and error ...
  6. A stuck at 77% loading points to a bad AI traffic bgl. BTW: this "far too buggy" fairy tale is getting old.
  7. May i ask how much you are charging for resetting an license? In my opinion it should be of course be the seller of the license to reduce his price accordingly.
  8. I know, its an license thing publisher won't get into. Actually the law says that a customer has ALL rights to sell his buyed software, even if its digital obtained, the EU court was very clear here. Changing a customer license is just a small edit in a Database, for example i've gone thru this with several ADOBE licenses with just a short call to the support. Sure: if a company refuses to follow the law here the customer has to go to his lawyer and that is a risk of paying higher fees than the software is/was worth. Good for the companys, bad for the customers. Maybe that will chang
  9. Applying to EU rights there should be no licence hustle if you have buyed the software in the EU, at least not in Germany.
  10. With the online check at every MSFS start that may be not possible, at least you risk an deactivation of your licence if you use a no-dvd-crack. I'm still shaking my head in disbelief over this daft decision of MS.
  11. No need to get lordly against a customer here. I can use P3D without an problem if there are problems with internet connection. Looks like people are spoiled because connection problems are rare these days, but there are some on occasions. Whats with that offline-mode ASOBO always advertised for users with low bandwidth? All just false promises or attempted deception?
  12. It was advertised that there is "offline data" when your internet connection fails or is too weak. I don't see a problem if it checks from time to time, but a game that is refusing to start just because the PC is offline is just idiotic behaviour by MS IMO.
  13. You can still go full digital if you want, just order it at MS directly. I get the box because i have a shitty internet line, its a huge difference if i have to download 100GB or just a few patches. Thats worth the 10 extra bucks anyway.
  14. Flightsimmers are are more serious group and do not attach importance on such fancy-pantsy design things like console kids do. BTW: actually they have different layouts. They read "DVD 1", "DVD 2", "DVD 3" ..... on the discs.
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