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  1. To quote the immortal words of The Joker: "If you have to explain a joke, there is no joke." Also, I am completely relaxed. Check my other posts in this thread, if you doubt that. Just making conversation while we're waiting for more information, and keeping the thread alive. Also, if Mathijs felt like elaborating in a response to my post, I might actually learn a lesson about project management that "my" project managers have not learned yet, because, as a "resource", I'm constantly baffled by the fact that arbitrary deadlines and projected launch dates are never anywhere close to realistic.
  2. Possibly because that's literally the meaning of the word "schedule" according to most dictionaries? (e.g. in the Cambridge Dictionary: "a list of planned activities or things to be done showing the times or dates when they are intended to happen or be done") I guess we're talking about a schedule in the context of project management software then, which would probably work with arbitrary "currencies" (like person-hours), idk, I haven't used that kind of software in decades... in this context, I'm just a "resource". But then, what does being "fully on schedule" (quoting Mathijs) actually mean? If a project timeline is set up without dates, the only meaning I can think of is "a project is executed in a way that no resource is idle because it has to wait for dependencies". Which, in itself, is a feat.
  3. I would agree with that statement, if that was the only information we had. But, if you look closely, you can find very detailed information about the state of the project in this thread. Just look at the last post by Mathijs again, it details where the project is at and what the team members are currently working on. They might not be telling us when we're going to land, but at least we get an idea which direction we're flying and what speed we're at. (Fun story: I applied for the beta test and didn't get a response, and now I'm torn between hoping that the beta test hasn't started yet, because I might still receive an invitation to join, and hoping that it has started without me, because that would mean we're closing in on the release date.)
  4. Is this the calm before the storm? No more pics because the release is close? The suspense is killing me.
  5. It will most likely be available directly from Aerosoft, from OrbX thanks to the cooperation with Aerosoft, from the MFS in-game Marketplace, and probably from many other vendors offering Aerosoft products. Having so many ways to purchase the product, I'm not sure I would put it on a store that just opened for public and probably has yet to iron out some quirks. At the risk of sounding like a fanboi, I'll buy directly from Aerosoft. My experience with the shop has been excellent, it still lets me download products I purchased almost 15 years ago, and I generally like to purchase directly from the developer to maximize the amount of my money they receive and to minimize friction when I run into issues (I hate being ping-ponged between two support teams until they figure out who is responsible for solving my problem). I totally get why we want to support flightsim.to, but for the time being, I'd rather do that by purchasing their exclusive offers or stuff that I would otherwise only get from stores that I don't like or don't trust.
  6. Yes, that was my point. What I said was: At some point in the past, lens flares were mandatory in many games. You could not turn them off. People complained because lens flares killed their immersion. Now lens flares are optional. You can turn them off now, because people complained until devs realized that it was a problem for a non-negligible portion of their customers. For the past two decades (maybe longer), cinematic prop animations were mandatory in flightsims. You can not turn them off. I am complaining because the wagon wheel effect kills my immersion. Make cinematic prop animations optional. I want to be able to turn them off, just like I can turn off lens flares. I want my props to look like they look in the real world, not how they look like in the movies.
  7. Cinematic prop animations with the wagon wheel effect need to go the way of the mandatory lens flare. Both signal to the eye "you're not really there, you're watching this through a camera". You might not have noticed, but your brain did. I hope that there are people on the team who use VR and notice the distortions (or "wobbling") cinematic prop animations produce in MFS when you look through the props, or the artefacts created when prop animations meet motion smoothing (aka Asynchronous Timewarp). (tbh, I find this much more distracting in single-engine aircraft, the prop being in my face all the time. I could probably tolerate it in the Twotter, since the props are behind me. But I had to chime in, because this is a pet peeve of mine. Also, this would be one more reason to purchase the Twotter directly from Aerosoft instead of using the in-game Marketplace, so you have at least the option of replacing the prop animations by switching out a graphics file, which is probably neigh impossible using the Marketplace version.)
  8. Thanks for the clarification! I kinda understand that the goal is to make this a bestseller, and modelling all the idiosyncrasies (or failure modes) of the PT6 might work against that goal. Maybe we can have a "hard mode" at some point in the future, or someone in the community comes up with a mod that adds hot starts, hung starts, what have you.
  9. This is a hard question to ask, because I dread the response, but, Mathijs, do you expect engine nerds, who are not too happy with the current simulation of the PT6 behavior, to be happy (or, well, happier) with the Twotter engines? What I'm hoping for: Asobo and Aerosoft are still best buddies, the Twotter release coincides with an overhaul of the turbine engine simulation that benefits all the turboprops in the sim, we get realistic ITT and torque behavior, and we get to experience hot starts and their potential consequences in the Twotter (I'm trying not to spoil the fun for people who have no experience with its predecessor).
  10. I'm jealous. I'm kinda picky when it comes to purchasing aircraft, so I'm stuck with three default planes I kinda like (enhanced with mods) and two 3rd-party add-ons (Arrow and DC-6). The Twotter will be a welcome addition, not only because it's an old friend from FSX/P3D times, but also because it is quite distinct from everything I'm currently flying.
  11. Sorry for jumping into the conversation, but I don't feel you're taking the feature request by Stefan (Albatros1) seriously, or maybe you didn't understand it. I'm not gonna entertain the implied argument that we should use controllers with bad potentiometers to simulate engine readings that "feel more real" by having slightly offset input values. Stefan, while it would certainly be more immersive to have readings that give the impression of having two individual power plants with slightly different properties by fudging the numbers, I believe we'll have to wait for A2A to release multi-engine aircraft with AccuSim to get that extra bit of immersion -- and have it actually be meaningful, since AccuSim achieves the result we're looking for without fudging, instead they use "deeper" or more detailed simulation of the engine than provided by the core sim, at least that's my understanding. Perhaps PMDG does something similar based on accumulated engine stress time in their DC-6, I can't say yet as I only have a couple of hours in the model. And, yes, that extra immersion comes at a price. Anyway, here are my top three reasons why I feel it's unlikely that this feature can happen: It seems we're way too far in the development cycle to add a feature like this (unless it has already been planned for). The feature depends on certain other features as a foundation: for example, if we don't want the individual engine characteristics or idiosyncrasies to be re-rolled (ie. randomized) for each flight, the aircraft would have to hold a persistent state. I don't know if the Twotter does, but this is just an example to illustrate that a "simple" feature like this might be harder to implement properly than one might think at first glance. Because we've always done it that way. We've always had (with very few exceptions that I'm aware of) identical engines behaving in a perfectly deterministic way. We don't fudge numbers, we simulate. The overwhelming majority of customers are used to and expect this behaviour. If the needles don't overlap perfectly, customers will be confused, they will mistake this feature for a bug and they will open support tickets. (Incidentally, I believe this is also why we're not gonna get realistic prop animations any time soon, because most customers are used to and expect "cinematic" prop animations with a wagon-wheel effect, no matter how much this breaks immersion for some customers.) I'm totally ready to be surprised by the Twotter for MFS! But I don't want to be disappointed, so I'm gonna manage my expectations and I'm gonna assume it will be just as advanced (but not more) as it's predecessor. I'm happy to give Aerosoft my money for a product like that. Everything beyond that would be the cherry on top.
  12. I know I'm in a minority, but I need to say it: Cinematic prop animations are like lens flares. They indicate that you're not really there, but watching something recorded by a camera. You might not have noticed, but your brain did. Some day, we'll get spinning props without the wagon wheel effect. But I guess the Twotter release date won't be that day.
  13. If Aerosoft One wants to start whenever Windows is started, I would appreciate an option to disable this behaviour, so I don't have to disable it manually in the task manager. Thanks!
  14. I spent literally hundreds of hours in the Twotter Extended in the past couple of years, it was my favorite workhorse and money maker in FSEconomy, and I miss her since I stopped flying in P3D (for SOME reason) about a year ago. I know it's kinda ridiculous, but the Twotter's arrival in MFS in a couple of weeks or months makes me feel giddy.
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