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  1. Hi there. I wanted to ask you something.
    I have my own repaints of various models. Quality787-757 and Avro. Aerosoft, Private Jett's and some Aerosoft (I'm starting with them CRJ and Airbus). They work very well.
    My question is: I have the entire PMDG 737NGXu, 777 and 747 range but I can't get the passenger cabin to have light.
    If I send you all the work done in PNG image, could you compile them and make the liveries with light in the passenger cabin?
    I'd reward you for it
    I wait your answer.

  2. Version 1.0.1


    Homenaje a la extinta línea aérea de Air Asturias. Esta aeronave nunca existió
  3. Version 1.0.1


    Homenaje a la efímera aerolínea "Air Asturias". Los colores de la aeronave no coinciden, solo el Trisquel (Símbolo celta astur) del estabilizador de la cola. Colores de la bandera de Asturias. Tribute to the short-lived airline "Air Asturias". The colors of the aircraft do not match, only the Trisquel (Asturian Celtic Symbol) of the tail stabilizer. Asturias flag colors. Instalar con Aerosoft Livery - Instalar con Aerosoft Livery
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