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  1. I beg you guys: Can we please, please get some of the liveries (or at least a paintkit) with a "worn" scheme? You know dust, some dirt, rust maybe. All the liveries look nice, but they all look like fresh out of the maintenance hangar or from the manufacturing plant. Especially with such a working horse as the Twotter, I would really love some of the liveries to have a more used look, please! It's a general, tiny "nuisance" I have with most payware planes coming out. MSFS allows such insane detail and then all the liveries come out like fresh from the factory. I used to work in aviation near Paderborn as Ramp Agent in RL until Covid, so I saw and touched actual planes every day. And I have NEVER actually seen a totally clean, fresh plane with not a single area of dirt, dust or lack of paint around certain areas like exhausts, moving parts, etc. Even a totally clean plane would look worn down after a week of actual service.
  2. Here the YT Link with the timestamp to the moment where they say it:
  3. Ohhh, hah! Now I gotcha.. with "within the model" you didn't mean literally" will waves float and form around the model or poke through it" - you meant whether wave creation will be generated by the model itself or MSFS! Hah Sorry mate! 😄 😄 You might be on the lucky side here! Just last night before sleep I finally took the time to watch the last MSFS-Update video conference of the devs. And guess what! Among talking about what changes and fixes will be coming for turboprops in general, they also said they are working on actual water physics! They said that they actually went to a seaplane base to see and observe taxiing/landing/departing seaplanes for physics simulation. So there is a good chance that by the time the Twotter is released, MSFS itself will have proper water physics for it! 🙂
  4. Even if, you wouldn't notice since you can't look into the floater anyway... 🙂
  5. As far as I recall, multiple people in this forum reported that the light switches in the plane do not currently work with ANY device, not even via keyboard bindings. So for now you have to manually click the light switches in the virtual cockpit with your mouse, to flip them.
  6. Wait what? Didn't know! Checked google now where you said it. True.. Woah that looks like a really good idea.
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