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  1. Hello. I recently purchased the 757 v2 Professional and since then, have had issues with the graphics and Plugin Admin for both my 757 and 767. It hasn't affected the a320 Ultimate. When I load either the 757 or 767, the graphics are horrible and the Plugin Admin has the following boxes UNCHECKED: STSFF 757/767 Avionics, Boeing 757/767 (SASL), and FF Effects. I check them, and then have to reset all of my views. When I restart the sim, the boxes are again unchecked, the graphics are horrible, and the views are not saved. I have uninstalled both aircraft, deleted and redownloaded the files from the Org store, then reinstalled. Same results each time. Graphic drivers are up to date, as are the aircraft files, and current version of XP. Any idea what's going on?
  2. I recently purchased the 757 V2 Pro Extended and am now having issues with all of my FF planes (757, 767, and the a320) when loading. The planes load, but the graphics are messed up. I have to go in to the plug in admin screen and check three boxes (see picture) each time I want to fly the aircraft. For some reason, nothing seems to get saved when I exit out of the aircraft. Any ideas as to what's going on? I never had this issue prior to purchasing the 757. Thanks, Cptmorgn1999
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