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  1. I am having trouble with the FMS as well. I put in a flight plan, check for discontinuity, execute and verify all waypoints are in correctly and in the right order. In this example I was flying out of YYZ and hit direct to kepta and exec and some random waypoint shows up nothing to do with my flight plan. I manually flew the aircraft until past kepta and then hit direct to bmpah and then the flight plan broke still with the same random waypoint but now a disconnect after bmpah but nothing wrong in the FMS as far as waypoints. Tried on a few other airports and the same thing. In this example I loaded the flight plan manually but have also tried loading a company route generated by simbrief and still the same thing. any help would be appreciated John Orton
  2. Just putting my 2 cents in as you don't say if you fixed it or not. Turn off Casting and receiving shadows in P3D and your problem should be gone. Worked for me as I had the same problem.
  3. I recently switched to navigraph and was trying to logon through the EFB and get errors after authenticating. I have posted over in the navigraph forum but was wondering if this was a problem within CRJ or Navigraph. Has anyone successfully logged on through the EFB on the CRJ pro to navigraph and had the charts displayed? Thanks in advance for any replies. John
  4. Thank you, and yes the fixed the issue of CTD Thanks John
  5. *******RESOLVED ******** After opening the Aerosoft updater and checking the box to allow experimental updates there was an update available. After updating the product to the available version the problem has been resolved. Charts are now fully functional as designed. Thank you Mathis for addressing this problem awesome plane and now fully enjoyable. Will be looking to get the A330 next! Thanks again John
  6. I have the same problem with an annual sub to navdatapro. the only reason I bought this plane was this feature that doesn't work ! I entered the login information in the options menu with DAVE and hit save options. Then as soon as I click Charts I get CTD and repeat and same thing. Tried rebooting and try again and as soon as I hit Charts I get CTD. everything else works with the aircraft as long as you don't click on the charts option. Very frustrating for sure !!!!!!!!!!!!! Please advise when there is a fix for this problem that I am not the only one suffering from.
  7. For those having trouble with some liveries try this...… copy the texture file from a working default livery and REPLACE the existing one in the texture folder you are trying to add. Then copy the texture folder to the appropriate airbus folder. Next open the aircraft config file and copy the complete entry for any of the default aircraft and paste at the bottom of the section after the last aircraft entry. Then change number to the next in sequence IE if the copied text is .7 then your new entry will be .8 and change the entries in the copied section regarding the title=, airline= and texture= entries and voila save the file and load up the sim and your new livery will show up and work perfectly. A dirty work around but has worked for me. I have tried all of the Air Canada liveries and the rouge and was getting the same problem as mentioned here until I tried these steps.
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