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  1. ASFAIK P3D has a SDK feature for wing flex etc. people on the X-Plane.org forums were complaining that X-Plane lacks such feature for wing flex and other wobbly bits by default and that FSX/P3D has it built in. I actually don't know if the wing flex feature (skeleton / bone structure? I'm no expert when it comes to 3d models and how they work) extends to things like engines or if it's just the wings that can be made flexible.
  2. If only the TOPCAT people bothered to ship profiles for available aircraft.. Like said above, the current 'insert flaps setting and everything fills by magic' is a good enough solution. How does de-rate work vs flex on the Airbus?
  3. I also prefer LIDO charts over Jeppesen, but I'm not going to ditch Navigraph before I see the 'final' version of their new Charts Cloud / Desktop / Mobile apps. I've tried the new Cloud version with Jeppesen charts and the moving map/charts seems promising to me. Whenever I fly from a new airport it can take me a while to orientate myself on the ground. Now with moving charts it's super easy to spot where my aircraft is on the ground and figure out taxi routes etc.
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