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  1. It depends if the format is exactly the same as it used to be. I would assume so, but I haven't tried it.
  2. It's going to need an update from Navigraph (=FMS Data Manager) before it's going to work properly.
  3. How so? Equal or larger than 4.3. Returns true for 4.3 or anything higher. Though obviously it's more tricky than that with version numbers that are not strictly numerical.
  4. Could you do a p3d version check during the installer to make sure ppl have 4.3 or higher?
  5. Radio is receiving on com2 even than the com2 receive switch is turned off. Also switching transmit to com2 shouldn't touch the receive buttons (right? this can't be one of those Airbus logic things).
  6. Should the Aerosoft updater that was packed with 1.0.2 show this new update? It shows my DC-8 version as 1.0.0 even with 1.0.2 installed.
  7. Uninstall 1.0.3 or any old version you have installed. Install 1.0.5 and then extract the 1.0.6 hotfix files as instructed on top of it.
  8. Tried the SID on p3d v4.2, crj 900, navigraph 1803. Set up dep: 24, KUD1SY.WOODY. Missed the initial turn: The plane turned late: And seemingly just continues straight on after the turn to 152:
  9. You can't combat one illegal action (=Piratism) with another (=Distributing malware and obtaining private information illegally). This is not how civilized sociality works. There are legal avenues for combatting piratism. Mathijs is on the point with his post.
  10. Same with CONNR4 out of KDEN, loads CONNR BULDG DBL only for any runway, I'm also on 1803 from Navigraph.
  11. I know this. This is why addons need to check if they actually have write access to files before blindly asking for elevation like they do now (or better yet, don't put files where they don't belong). Also they shouldn't really be writing anything into the P3D installation folder. Lazy developers and legacy code / ways of doing need to go away. My P3D v4 is installed into a directory where I have full read/write access and still many addons require me to run them as administrator, granting them access to files, processes, settings and many other things that they do not need access to. I also know that this is partially a Microsoft / LM problem with the way that FSX/P3D used to work, but the blame isn't only on Microsoft / LM for the lazy and insecure way that developers are doing things.
  12. To me a even bigger security flaw is requiring administrator rights to run simple applications that do not require actual administrator rights for anything but _potential_ file access if the files are located in a protected folder. Many popular addons require this like ChasePlane or Active Sky, but the same goes to Aerosoft addons like PANC and CRJ config managers. I know it takes more effort to do things right, but the correct way is to only ask for elevation when you actually need it. I'm sure Microsoft has plenty of documentation for how things should be done and running everything as administrator for sure isn't one of them.
  13. Mathijs, are you running 4K? Surely we don't need anywhere that much memory at 1080p?
  14. Fixing one engine taxi as in making the aircraft taxi pretty much straight on with just one engine? It's ridiculous how much the planes in P3D/XP weer off to either side with just a 0.01 % N1 difference.
  15. VATSIM/vPilot TCAS mode switch integration would be nice. Hans just implemented it in the latest CRJ update. With the current version, turning on TA/RA on the Bus won't turn on Mode C on vPilot.
  16. Thread about this on the LM forums: https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=126667&sid=555532da068d6a64a2c03c0994e9adbe Last post:
  17. The Aerosoft Airbus only calculates and 'rounds' the next waypoint(s?). I've seen the FSL A320 calculate the path for all waypoints as soon as you enter weight and fuel into the init/b page.
  18. To be able to use any pictures to assess the color, you would need to take them with a color reference chart and a white balance chart. Without those it's impossible to tell true color.
  19. Use speed mode to climb at 290 knots and mach .74 after you cross the altitude at which point with current weather and ac weight 290 knots = mach .74. This way the autopilot will adjust the vertical speed accordingly to keep your IAS at selected safe speed during climb. Reduce thrust to appropriate level when you capture cruise altitude.
  20. Plans change. Simple as that. The first plan they told us was to do a quick update of the A320-series for p3dv4, but they changed it to give us a fully updated A320 with all the new code made for A330 and full v4 features.
  21. My comment was more about the fact that AFAIK it's a feature of the P3D SDK and 'easy' to implement. Am I actually going to look at my wings flexing on takeoff? No, not really. Flying the A320 single pilot, I have more important things to do on takeoff and approach than drool at floppy wings.
  22. ASFAIK P3D has a SDK feature for wing flex etc. people on the X-Plane.org forums were complaining that X-Plane lacks such feature for wing flex and other wobbly bits by default and that FSX/P3D has it built in. I actually don't know if the wing flex feature (skeleton / bone structure? I'm no expert when it comes to 3d models and how they work) extends to things like engines or if it's just the wings that can be made flexible.
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