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  1. So it works exactly as it should?
  2. Fragged^2

    APU stuck ON

    The A321 cold and dark also seems to load a bif off for me. The A318 and A319 didn't have any of the fuel pumps 'off' lights visible until battery was turned ON. This is straight after loading in with cold and dark as default state: Also the APU doesn't turn off again with a reload of the sim. Nope.. worked this fine after preflight on the first leg.
  3. Fragged^2

    APU stuck ON

    My APU is stuck in the ON position after a Go Around into a new flight. Rest of the plane seems to have handled it okay, but APU is now stuck on. Don't mind the lights / ground spoilers.. Those are my fault This is on the A321, p3d 4.3.
  4. Yep. Straight climb to FL390, no shortcuts, optimal was FL385 when I reached top of climb. Ended up using 1000 kg more fuel than planned, which isn't that big of a deal, it's just a bit sketchy as we are close to max range of the aircraft. Overall Simbrief seems to be quite close with it's prediction. With my plan / actual flight the biggest thing I noticed was EFOB shown by the plane going from 1.8 initially to 2.2 closer to destination. It's still a small change, but I saw an increase in EFOB while I believe OP mentioned it dropping as he went on. So I saw the complete opposite than what happened to him. I might try another long flight in the A319 later this week and will record fuel stats again.
  5. I did the KJFK - EGLC flight tonight with about 3100 nm total route planned on Simbrief with current AIRAC and today's NAT. I was at -100 kg fuel vs estimated on the Canadian side of the pond and crossed over to Ireland at -600 kg vs estimated. I landed with 2.2 tons, which was about a ton less than planned. Wind average was 278/040 with average 30 knots tailwind. Fuel / Weight similar to OP, speed was a bit higher. I don't use the built in fuel planner, but I checked what it would've suggested for the trip with today's weight, wind etc. I would've ended up in the pond. Stats: Block fuel - 18 tons ZFW - 44.4 tons CI - 80 FL - 390 IAS - mach .80 Simbrief: PLANNED FUEL --------------------------------- FUEL ARPT FUEL TIME --------------------------------- TRIP LCY 14530 0646 CONT 5% 727 0020 ALTN CDG 1667 0048 FINRES 871 0030 ETOPS/ETP 0 0000 --------------------------------- MINIMUM T/OFF FUEL 17795 0825 --------------------------------- EXTRA 0 0000 --------------------------------- T/OFF FUEL 17795 0825 TAXI JFK 200 0020 --------------------------------- BLOCK FUEL JFK 17995 Fuel planner:
  6. Open Descend is equal to FLCH, it will descend as fast as possible while aiming to keep the selected speed. It will ignore any alt restrictions set on waypoints. Managed descend should follow alt restrictions
  7. Did you push the LS button to enable the ILS receiver? I've forgotten to do this a couple of times when switching from Boeing to Airbus.
  8. "C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\Documents" is the Documents folder for the NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM. It's the built in account with highest local rights. I'm assuming that Aerosoft is looking for %userprofile%\documents for the documents folder. If on your account this returns C:\Windows... and not C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\, well.. your windows installation is more or less messed up. Can you post the output of (run cmd.exe as your user, not as admin or another user) 1) whoami -> Should return your username 2) echo %userprofile% -> Should return c:\Users\YourUserName There was another user earlier that had a similar looking issue on the A320 forum with the installer pointing to SYSTEM's Documents folder. I have no idea if he ever fixed his problem. This is what happens when you run things as SYSTEM (which average Windows users shouldn't even know how to do): C:\WINDOWS\system32>whoami nt authority\system C:\WINDOWS\system32>echo %userprofile% C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile
  9. I didn't notice that this was in the CRJ subforum.. my first try with the format ended up in the sim crashing. Need to try it again myself with the CRJ and not the Airbus
  10. I didn't notice that this is the CRJ not Airbus subforum. Sorry.
  11. I tried it again with Now it loaded the STAR properly with the correct VIA etc. I cleared WILLO and MAY, so we end up here: If I try to re-enter MAY after HOLLY the disco is cleared, but MAY is not inserted: Clearing MAY/08: I can now add MAY: Joona
  12. I've also seen the plane pitch down to -6000 fpm or higher decent rate when it's trying to race after the vnav path. This will result in overspeed. This is with managed speed and descend mode.
  13. Nothing. The list of f-pln stays the exact same as in the screenshot. Edit: My guess is that it's getting confused because of the MAY/08 waypoint. When I removed that one I was then able to add MAY and add a custom waypoint roughly where MAY/08 was by entering MAY/003/08. So there's something wrong with the sequencing logic. I'm using Navigraph as my nav database.
  14. It might work if you just install the 4.3 Client.msi now. If not, it's going to require a full uninstall of all files and folders.
  15. So which p3d version are you on now? The Client has to be updated to 4.3 for the Aerosoft bus to work. Scenery and Content are optional.
  16. That seems to be the fix according to the other thread.
  17. Hi, Current situation: 1) I've set up EGKK arrival: ILS26L VASUX1G VIA: WILLO 2) Removed Willo as I want to fly direct MAY from HOLLY. So we end up here: Missing MAY completely and I'm unable to insert MAY after HOLLY. Joona
  18. It sounds like your having issues with your p3d installation. The key thing is the weird lighting effect (St. Elmo's fire animation/effect). Means your p3d v4.3 installation is broken. Most people so far have resolved it by reinstalling p3d. I know, it's not something any of us want to do, but it seems to be the fix. This plane only works on 4.3 and there's something left of the old version for some reason. Edit: Related thread:
  19. Fragged^2

    Fuel Planner

    I kind of knew it would've been there on my first try. Shows how different we people are as individuals. I've dealt with unintuitive software for the past 10 years trying to bridge the gap between software engineers and end users, mostly nurses and doctors. It's not always easy
  20. Fragged^2

    Fuel Planner

    I added a new screenshot on my previous post to show the clickspot to open the popup 3rd MCDU.
  21. Fragged^2

    Fuel Planner

    Fuel planner should work by (I've never used it) 1) Once your done with load and fuel, etc. in FuelPlanner, click Generate Loadsheet (bottom right) 2) Goto 3rd MCDU (click spot on top of the MCDU's), load/fuel -> loadsheet. Cold and dark state can also be loaded from the 3rd MCDU:
  22. Have you checked p3d controller settings? Axis assignment, calibration etc.? I've had mine randomly be disabled once or twice in the past couple years.
  23. Am I missing something here? There's no trim in an Airbus A320. It's FBW and keeps a constant 1 G trim automatically. You only touch the trim wheel to set takeoff trim.
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