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  1. In most airliners the parking brake works with hydraulic pressure from an accumulator. This accumulator will run out of pressure over time when the plane is shut down. Thus the brakes will fade and release after some time. Chocks don't run out of hydraulic pressure
  2. The repaints will reset whenever there's a change to the aircraft.cfg file. They seem to just replace the file with a new default instead editing the existing one. It would be nice if the updater made a backup of the file so it would be easy to copy custom liveries over. For now, keep a copy of the file that you can just copy paste the liveries over whenever AS makes an update.
  3. The problem is the high fluctuation in frame times with the sim. On approach the framerate might dip close to 0 for a fraction of a second. The new bus apparently does FBW/AP calculations per frame. This causes the plane to jump around like crazy at times when the sim stutters on approach. London is really bad for example with EGKK, EGLL and EGLC payware airports and all the autogen buildings. I'm sure AS could do something about how touchy the FBW/AP is with stutters, but the biggest issue is the sim itself. Be it absolute performance limits due to poor hardware utilization or the myriad of poorly documented / explained settings. The sim gives no idea for users on which sliders affect CPU / GPU / VRAM / RAM usage, not to count all the possible .cfg tweaks. Sorry for the rant..
  4. Memory speed has almost no impact on game performance, usually. I also see it on a i7 8700k + DDR4. The sim is still far from optimized for modern hardware.
  5. The weather setting in the MCDU is for the weather downlink. It does not affect how the plane flies at all, it's just for getting metar info. Was this with default AS settings or the more reasonable values recommended above? Oh and you really shouldn't fly into a thunderstorm.
  6. It should be installed outside the p3d main folder. It seems to cause problems if you do install it inside the p3d folder.
  7. Did you install the Aerosoft A320/321 inside the P3D install folder?
  8. Check one of the included liveries..? A320: [fltsim] fallback.1=..\..\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Base\Tex_FB_VC fallback.2=..\..\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Base\Tex_FB_A320 A321: [fltsim] fallback.1=..\..\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Base\Tex_FB_VC fallback.2=..\..\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Base\Tex_FB_A321
  9. Sound similar to another thread where the culprit was Cerenado's DRM. Do you have a Cerenado aircraft installed?
  10. I've done 3 flights with the A321 so far, ZFW between empty and up to 69 tons. So far it has been the smoothest of the new Aerobusses yet. Climbs as expected and descends on the profile without the need for spoilers.
  11. I've done quite a few flights on vatsim and so far I've seen this happen once where I couldn't set the correct frequency with the radio control panel. I had to use .com1 121.300 command on vpilot.
  12. Fragged^2

    APU stuck ON

    I might have done something goofy with the first run where I had the APU get stuck ON on the third start / shutdown cycle (without reloading the sim). It could be that I hit change utc offset on fs realtime when the APU was shutting down. Any idea on the two xfer pump lights being on while power is off? Doesn't happen on A318, 319 or 320. Only on the 321.
  13. Where did you install the Aerosoft A320/321? If you installed it into c:\Program Files\ or c:\Program Files (x86)\ you need to open notepad / preferred text editor as administrator (Run as Administrator) to be able to overwrite any files.
  14. So it works exactly as it should?
  15. Fragged^2

    APU stuck ON

    The A321 cold and dark also seems to load a bif off for me. The A318 and A319 didn't have any of the fuel pumps 'off' lights visible until battery was turned ON. This is straight after loading in with cold and dark as default state: Also the APU doesn't turn off again with a reload of the sim. Nope.. worked this fine after preflight on the first leg.
  16. Fragged^2

    APU stuck ON

    My APU is stuck in the ON position after a Go Around into a new flight. Rest of the plane seems to have handled it okay, but APU is now stuck on. Don't mind the lights / ground spoilers.. Those are my fault This is on the A321, p3d 4.3.
  17. Yep. Straight climb to FL390, no shortcuts, optimal was FL385 when I reached top of climb. Ended up using 1000 kg more fuel than planned, which isn't that big of a deal, it's just a bit sketchy as we are close to max range of the aircraft. Overall Simbrief seems to be quite close with it's prediction. With my plan / actual flight the biggest thing I noticed was EFOB shown by the plane going from 1.8 initially to 2.2 closer to destination. It's still a small change, but I saw an increase in EFOB while I believe OP mentioned it dropping as he went on. So I saw the complete opposite than what happened to him. I might try another long flight in the A319 later this week and will record fuel stats again.
  18. I did the KJFK - EGLC flight tonight with about 3100 nm total route planned on Simbrief with current AIRAC and today's NAT. I was at -100 kg fuel vs estimated on the Canadian side of the pond and crossed over to Ireland at -600 kg vs estimated. I landed with 2.2 tons, which was about a ton less than planned. Wind average was 278/040 with average 30 knots tailwind. Fuel / Weight similar to OP, speed was a bit higher. I don't use the built in fuel planner, but I checked what it would've suggested for the trip with today's weight, wind etc. I would've ended up in the pond. Stats: Block fuel - 18 tons ZFW - 44.4 tons CI - 80 FL - 390 IAS - mach .80 Simbrief: PLANNED FUEL --------------------------------- FUEL ARPT FUEL TIME --------------------------------- TRIP LCY 14530 0646 CONT 5% 727 0020 ALTN CDG 1667 0048 FINRES 871 0030 ETOPS/ETP 0 0000 --------------------------------- MINIMUM T/OFF FUEL 17795 0825 --------------------------------- EXTRA 0 0000 --------------------------------- T/OFF FUEL 17795 0825 TAXI JFK 200 0020 --------------------------------- BLOCK FUEL JFK 17995 Fuel planner:
  19. Open Descend is equal to FLCH, it will descend as fast as possible while aiming to keep the selected speed. It will ignore any alt restrictions set on waypoints. Managed descend should follow alt restrictions
  20. Did you push the LS button to enable the ILS receiver? I've forgotten to do this a couple of times when switching from Boeing to Airbus.
  21. You need to enter the dest data on the Approach perf page. 5.17 Descent Preparation (the quick and dirty way) <- Vol6-StepbyStep.pdf
  22. "C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\Documents" is the Documents folder for the NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM. It's the built in account with highest local rights. I'm assuming that Aerosoft is looking for %userprofile%\documents for the documents folder. If on your account this returns C:\Windows... and not C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\, well.. your windows installation is more or less messed up. Can you post the output of (run cmd.exe as your user, not as admin or another user) 1) whoami -> Should return your username 2) echo %userprofile% -> Should return c:\Users\YourUserName There was another user earlier that had a similar looking issue on the A320 forum with the installer pointing to SYSTEM's Documents folder. I have no idea if he ever fixed his problem. This is what happens when you run things as SYSTEM (which average Windows users shouldn't even know how to do): C:\WINDOWS\system32>whoami nt authority\system C:\WINDOWS\system32>echo %userprofile% C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile
  23. I didn't notice that this was in the CRJ subforum.. my first try with the format ended up in the sim crashing. Need to try it again myself with the CRJ and not the Airbus
  24. I didn't notice that this is the CRJ not Airbus subforum. Sorry.
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