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  1. I've had this twice now on a flight from ESSA to ENTC. First on climb out of 01L, target speed went from correct 250 to V2 on it's own. Second issue on cruise with a change to the arrival, suddenly target speed went to V2 or there about again.
  2. My point was that many sceneries have issues with the sim's crash detection. Thus it's much easier to just disable the crash detection. It's a broken system that doesn't serve a purpose.
  3. And having the sim think you crashed when taxying off a runway is more realistic?
  4. Helsinki is quite a popular destination on VATSIM as it is. A new version of the scenery with the new Terminal and taxiway changes + V4 support would be a great addition.
  5. There's definitely something wrong with the current IAE FLEX settings. I tried again a takeoff in ESSA with numbers put into wabpro, which gave me a FLEX of 67. I lowered it down to FLEX 54C (OAT -1) and after rotation and following the FD the speed kept slowing down and I ended up in alpha floor. Same airport, runway, weather and weight the CFM climbs out just fine with FLEX 79.
  6. I managed to get into the situation depicted in the first screenshot yesterday while flying EFHK/LOWI. I was messing with the arrivals while on cruise when suddenly the managed speed went to approach speed. I loaded up second flight plan and everything was well again.
  7. Well it obviously doesn't take these constraints into account as it gives EPR of just 1.25-.35 with FLEX given by a takeoff performance calculator.
  8. Nice joke. You can't expect us to have access to that kind of information. The best we can do is use tools like wabpro or topcat (which doesn't have IAE profiles). The Aerobus doesn't calculate FLEX for intersection departures for example.
  9. Just tested in ESSA / 01L, A320 IAE vs CFM and the CFM takes off just fine with a flex of +60 and 60.1T TOW where as the IAE was only giving ~1.25-.35 on the EPR and couldn't even accelerate at 0 ftp after rotation.
  10. That is exactly as it should be. The plane on P3D installs into ..\Prepar3D v4\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\Digital Aviation CRJ\ and the config, logs, etc. going into C:\Users\[USER]\Documents\Aerosoft\Digital Aviation CRJ. You can't write anything to Program Files without administrator access, so the plane wouldn't be able to write log files, config changes, etc. without running the sim as admin. This is why those files go into Documents, where the user has write access. Overall, installing Games / Steam into Program Files is usually asking for trouble as the folder has limited write access for regular users.
  11. Simply don't use the fuel planner for longer routes. You already have a proper block fuel from Simbrief, which is much more accurate.
  12. A320 IAE, 63,53 tons TOW ESSA RWY 19R, Y9 13 C / 1008 1 / UP 0.4 Flex 69, 142,142,143 Ended up almost crashing, I had to go TOGA to get the plane to accelerate. I used http://www.wabpro.cz/A320/ for the perf calculations, used to be bang on with the previous Aerobus version.
  13. It's quite normal that updaters don't update the uninstaller entries (listed in Settings / Apps). Both the A320-series and CRJ should list the current version somewhere in the FMS.
  14. I would assume he has the previous version of the "Aerobus: Running FSX:SE.(an a kickass system)"
  15. There's no need to reinstall. All you need to do is add your livery entries back to the aircraft.cfg files. Like Tom said, keep a copy of the file with liveries in it so you can easily copy and paste the liveries back after an update.
  16. Shame. Flying the DC8 single pilot is quite a bit of work, having IAS hold would make climbing so much easier
  17. Do you have a list of new features / fixes for a future update? I see you're making the cargo version, awesome. Top of my wish list would be: 1) IAS and Mach hold modes for climb / descend. 2) Fix for the occasional vertical speed oscillation in cruise. 3) 2D popup for door, GPU and external air controls. The keyboard shortcuts are kinda clunky and I keep forgetting them
  18. Just put the files into: C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Flightplans\ and they will work.
  19. I don't have it anymore for that particular flight, but it's easily reproducible so why would you even need it?
  20. The whole STAR can be loaded successfully. This is not the problem. There's an issue though with drawing/calculating the the arrival with the final parts towards final for ILS 21 via KRA, the plane keeps drawing a straight line in vs a 360 loop around one of the last waypoints. This keeps messing up the ToD calculation by +-10 nm. The problem stated in the topic is with custom waypoints and has nothing unique to do with ESNQ. The problem with custom waypoints comes with the selection of the correct 'base' waypoint for the custom point. The current logic seems to go for the first one in the database, not the closest / correct point. Why I even wanted to create the custom waypoint for the arrival was the text: "Intercept KRA R182 inbound, not below 500 until D16.0 KRA, to KRA..." I didn't notice that the plane already had a point D16 from KRA inbound with the +5000 ft limit. So I tried doing KRA/-16 to get the same result. Though instead of selecting the local KRA waypoint the plane picked up KRA from 3000 nm+ away. When you insert just KRA or any other waypoint with multiples in the world, the MCDU/FMS gives you the list of possible waypoints, ordered by distance to said waypoint. This doesn't happen with custom waypoints. I have no idea how the real plane works regards to this.
  21. I was flying from ESSA to ESNQ yesterday. I was trying to make a custom waypoint along track with with the Kiruna VOR, KRA and the FMS picked up some other KRA thousands of miles away. When you enter just KRA into the FMS it shows the list of possible waypoints with the closest one at the top. I was doing a simple KRA/-16 for a point 16 nm before the waypoint along the track from previous waypoint. Edit: The FMS/VNAV was also messed up for the approach into ILS 21 via KRA continuously calculating different altitudes and top of descend. Route: RESN4G RESNA T317 VAGAS VAGA3F done in the A320 with 61000 kg ZFW and 6.9 tons fuel.
  22. The flight plans go to: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Flightplans
  23. It's just a little thing I've noticed. The version number is there again after I close and start the updater.
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