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  1. The original post doesn't mention the printer at all. The issue is that sometimes INIT B, Block Fuel loads a value of 2.4 (which is the default block fuel) instead of the actual block fuel loaded into the plane.
  2. Late reply, the bug has been found.. The cross on the Windows screen won't go all the way to the side by design. I guess I forgot to take a screenshot of the P3D Controller Calibration screen where it shows full values for X and Y from 0 to 16384 (14 bit sensor).
  3. I just tried again in the A319 and it worked as intended. With the A321 couple minutes earlier I had the issue of loading 2.4. I don't think it's an issue with fuel planner as MCDU 3 always shows the correct values. My A321 also has an issue where it shows two of the fuel pump off lights illuminated without battery / ground power.
  4. Warthog HOTAS calibrated in both Windows and P3D: Full left deflection and ECAM shows: Default Delta A321, Aerobus version
  5. I tried again with hitting load on fuel first and then instant and it worked as supposed. If I just do the instant load for all, it's bugged. Just hitting fuel and then immediately hitting instant after that it works fine. I'm on
  6. Clicked loadsheet on the left: Instant: Actual fuel loaded 9.2 tons.. Init B, Block fuel gets value 2.4:
  7. Isn't the laodsheet saved in "C:\Users\username\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Fuel Planner\LoadSheets\". On the 3rd MCDU Load/Setup page, the loadsheet function loads in the correct numbers, this is not the problem. The problem is on the #1/2 MCDU INIT 2/B page when clicking on Block Fuel and it gives 2.4 instead of the loaded fuel amount. ZFW / CG works just fine on the same page.
  8. The engines will gravity feed just fine without the fuel pumps on.
  9. 5 others reported the same issue in that thread and I believe there's also another whole thread about the issue in addition to the one you locked. 


    At least give the others with the issue a change to continue the discussion, I dgaf if you delete  my message if it makes the thread look better. Locking the thread, instead of just deleting my message helps noone.

  10. Nope. I do enough of IT "stuff" during work hours, I'm not going through a +100 page document to debug your plane. Give me something to work with and I might be more willing to go through all the trouble. POST EDITED BY STAFF TO REMOVE FOUL LANGAUGE, SECOND TIME FOR THIS USER, WILL NOT BE A THIRD TIME.
  11. And it happened again, flying KSAN to KJFK in JBU A321 IAE. After reaching cruise level of FL330 and putting in a direct, shortly after the engines went to idle with managed speed of 126 knots. Airbus is updated to today's experimental patch.
  12. Like I posted in another thread, I've seen this happen when changing the arrival STAR/RWY while in flight. Could it be a desync with the #1 and #2 MCDU? On a recent flight I had a case of AP1 not engaging with MCDU INIT A/B both done correctly. AP2 engaged correctly and flew the route as programmed. I've also had a flight where I couldn't engage either AP even with INIT A and B done correctly.
  13. There's something fishy going on. I've seen reports of mid flight engine shutdown with the Aerosoft A320-series, the CRJ and QW 787.
  14. Do you have the latest experimental version installed? CRJ version should be and you should be on P3D 4.3.
  15. Use the Aerosoft Updater included with the CRJ to download the update.
  16. I've had this twice now on a flight from ESSA to ENTC. First on climb out of 01L, target speed went from correct 250 to V2 on it's own. Second issue on cruise with a change to the arrival, suddenly target speed went to V2 or there about again.
  17. My point was that many sceneries have issues with the sim's crash detection. Thus it's much easier to just disable the crash detection. It's a broken system that doesn't serve a purpose.
  18. And having the sim think you crashed when taxying off a runway is more realistic?
  19. Helsinki is quite a popular destination on VATSIM as it is. A new version of the scenery with the new Terminal and taxiway changes + V4 support would be a great addition.
  20. There's definitely something wrong with the current IAE FLEX settings. I tried again a takeoff in ESSA with numbers put into wabpro, which gave me a FLEX of 67. I lowered it down to FLEX 54C (OAT -1) and after rotation and following the FD the speed kept slowing down and I ended up in alpha floor. Same airport, runway, weather and weight the CFM climbs out just fine with FLEX 79.
  21. I managed to get into the situation depicted in the first screenshot yesterday while flying EFHK/LOWI. I was messing with the arrivals while on cruise when suddenly the managed speed went to approach speed. I loaded up second flight plan and everything was well again.
  22. Well it obviously doesn't take these constraints into account as it gives EPR of just 1.25-.35 with FLEX given by a takeoff performance calculator.
  23. Nice joke. You can't expect us to have access to that kind of information. The best we can do is use tools like wabpro or topcat (which doesn't have IAE profiles). The Aerobus doesn't calculate FLEX for intersection departures for example.
  24. Just tested in ESSA / 01L, A320 IAE vs CFM and the CFM takes off just fine with a flex of +60 and 60.1T TOW where as the IAE was only giving ~1.25-.35 on the EPR and couldn't even accelerate at 0 ftp after rotation.
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