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  1. Hi guys, I just download the package for EDLW, but I do not understand ( from the manual ) what I have to do .. Beside the EDLW scenary, which I m assuming this folder goes into '' custom scenary '' there are others called '' BHAROMETRIC '' … where I have to put all these files?? Tks a lots.
  2. Guys it works !! I run the tools from Vector and disable the LHBP .. now is ok !! sorry and tk a lots !
  3. Sorry guys I made a mistake. Global Vector is actually installed and I use the tool for the elevation. The airport is LHBP ( Areosoft ) not Gibilterra sorry !! I try to disinstall and re install several times but nothing. I will send y the pic ad y asked
  4. I tryed to run the autoconfiguration tool ( elevation ) in Global Vector .. but nothing .
  5. Tks... I will check it out !! Do you might think my problem is related to the altitude issue ??
  6. I have installed Global Vector first .. and disinstalled later on : I m just using Global & LC. How can I clean up the scenario and install it again in order to delete the double AFCAD ??
  7. .. Hello to all, Yesterday evening a very strange thing happened to me: I installed a new scenario and it appears to me, except for the main runway, that the taxiways and the terminals appear all '' sunken ''. : Cry: I do not know if I can give you an idea, I do not have a picture now .. but it's as some parts of the scenario are lower than others .. you see as if they were inside channels .. I tried to uninstall and install again but nothing .. Maybe there is to do some changes on some files?? Thank you for your help
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