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  1. To be fair to squirrel, the man has been making flight sim videos for years, he's got plenty expertise to make a video like this. Not recognizing a regional US airline, while you're based in the UK is really nothing worth mentioning. Now on the other hand, we got plenty us based 'experts' trying to use FAA mumbo jumbo while they're flying outside of your country.. That annoys me.
  2. I'm sure you can name every regional airline from europe? the world doesn't revolve around what happens in the states mate ;).
  3. Congrats on release day! Can't wait to take it for a spin!
  4. Unfortunately a live demonstration at Fsweekend from Mr. @Hans Hartmann himself was not possible this year. Any plans for a live stream maybe? Would love to see it fly . Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the reply Of course, it completely depends on the paintkit, and what is depicted in a single texture. I've been comparing some hopefully fairly consistently sized objects across the board, this example the resolution of a single pax door: Competitor also making airbuses: 300*650px Competitor making boeings (747): 180*310px Aerosoft's airbus a320-family: 70*140px I don't own the old CRJ or the a330 but based on liveries made by the community: non stair door CRJ: 135*250px a330: 110*210px So in that context, will the msfs version use the same texture resolut
  6. Not sure if my post was missed, hope it isn't considered too rude to ask again Could you comment on the texture resolution of the external model? Thanks, Niels.
  7. It looks great, can't wait to purchase this and give it a spin. a point tho, has been discussed in relation to aircraft for p3d in the past, but i think it shows even more here. This could use higher resolution textures on the exterior, looking at the screenshots: The red text in the second last screenshot is already quite a bit blurry, and the same goes for the top of the lufthansa letters in the last screenshot. Has the texture resolution been increased compared to the p3d version or the same resolution? Increasing it would really make it 'pop' so much more. Of course i can u
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