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  1. Yeah that was a fairly ignorant comment, I do apolagise - it's just that I have never had even the slightest problem with an Aerosoft product, it's synonamous with quality, so I was just surprised. Anyway, I did contact support, and although they weren't able to fix the problem, the guy in question was fantastic and tried everything he could. I'm just going to give up on this for the time being and go for a different scenery. Maybe I'll come back to it once I've upgraded either my hardware and/or sim. Thank you all for your input. Mods, feel free to close this.
  2. Latest version - checked against installer vs. Aerosoft downloads page All manual settings set to their minimum, and higher No traffic addons (no AI traffic at all re:vatsim use) I did have ORBX england, but I deactivated it, then uninstalled it. It's also worth mentioning that Out of a desire to really use this airport, I wiped FSX from my computer in its entirety and reinstalled. To get the same results. My hardware is more than the minimum to run this. I don't know if this is a new scenery? But I don't quite think this is ready for commercial release as it doesn't appear "finished". I have a lot of aerosoft scenery and this really sticks out as a deficiency in their up-till-now level of quality
  3. Hey everyone, Really in need of some help as it seems like I've tried everything! I bought and installed the Mega Madrid Barajas airport for FSX:SE -- and generally everything looks okay at first glance, but then I noticed there are random patches where the normal taxiways are just covered with grey blurry squares. This also includes the runways. If you look you can see the tire marks on the RWY so it seems like the runway is underneath the tire effects, maybe a similar case for the taxiways. FSX:SE Top list on the scenery library No other Madrid scenery (apart from the overwritten default) Tried multiple installs, as :SE and just normal FSX - all installed as admin and running on admin. Display parameters all maxed out No significant lag or low VAS The install went fine! I have literally no idea how to fix it. But if I'm paying to use a major airport... I want to be able to see the runway numbers, and have the runway not look like my local GA airfield... A couple of pics vs. google earth: Any help or suggestions would be massively appreciated! Jack
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