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  1. Hello All- I am a new purchaser of Airbus Professional and noticed the bug immediately into my first flight. I do hold a A320 series type rating and spend about 85 hours a month in one so I couple of odd things jumped out at me on the first fight. I love the Aerosoft product as it is beautiful inside and out, the nice surprises like the printer and clip board. The copilot and checklist feature is great too. Anyway, back to the problem, I pretty much have a vanilla setup with just Active Sky and ChasePlane. I'm probably wrong, but the managed speed mode seems to enter some form of approach mode soon after take off, and remains in the mode all through CLB/CRZ/DES. It could also explain the goofy TOD predictions too. What can I do to help? Can I fly a short flight and somehow share a "log"? Mike
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