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  1. Thank you for your help! It now works fine. /Curt
  2. I downloaded the new version,, of FSC today. Before I installed the new version I uninstalled the old version. I did run the DB manager and then I start FSC it can't find the correct data for FS9/2400. I don't have FS9/2400 installed! I have FSX + accel. and P3D installed so why it try to start using FS9/2400 I can't understand. /Curt
  3. Solved! The program can't handle files from an earlier installiaton. So the solution is to uninstall Arlanda X and remove the ArlandaX folder in the Aerosoft folder. Now do a new install and change to the winter textures. /Curt
  4. Here is an example of what happens: 20:59:23.3951304 Stockholm-Arlanda-Season.exe 4972 SetRenameInformationFile C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Aerosoft\Arlanda X\Texture\tree_01.bmp NAME COLLISION ReplaceIfExists: False, FileName: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Aerosoft\Arlanda X\Texture\tree_01_.bmp The program try rename tree_01.bmp (I think). But ReplaceIfExists is False. So this fails. /Curt
  5. Hello! I had the security set like that already. So the problem must be something else. /Curt
  6. Hello Shaun! Thanks for your help! I will try these when I get home today. /Curt
  7. Hi Thanks for your help! I will check that, but I have already given myself, the logged on user, full permissions to everything under the FSX folder. It is a problem then an app gives an error messages but not telling why. /Curt
  8. Ok, and how does that info help me? Your product does not work as indended! /Curt
  9. No the program does not work corrctly. The part about admin. was becouse the program demand that you run it as admin. But that does not help. It would be nice to know what file it can't rename? /Curt
  10. I have the same problem! Get a message that says "Error renaming file". And yes started the program as an admin. /Curt
  11. This is how all aircrafts should look, inside and outside! So now the textures are all in place and all looks good. /Curt
  12. I have also received new installation file from Carenado will try later today. /Curt
  13. Yes, it probably is a problem with their HD textures. Hope you get an answer from Carenado! /Curt
  14. I know this is not a support forum! I added to this thread because cliddy started this thread in this forum. This thread should be moved to: Aerosoft Forums.English Discussion & Support. MS FS - Aircraft Discussions & Support. And about duplication, I posted in a existing thread at Avsim in hope to get some help with my problem. I hope this does not disturbe you to much! /Curt
  15. I have now done: 1. removed FSX.cfg 2. removed all shader caches 3. removed shader 3.0 mod 4. repaired FSX Accel 5. TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=2048 6. HIGHMEMFIX=1. Still, the same problem. /Curt
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