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  1. They are I think now releasing, supporting etc. their products themselves. "Fuerteventura will be first released by our own shop (buy buttons soon to arrive on mkstudios.pl) and will include our own installers using new native P3D V3 and V4 methods to add the scenery to library (no more scenery.cfg or autogen.xml modifications making mess in your sims) and awesome config tool to setup the airport the way you like. Later we'll publish it exclusively on Simmarket. We've been waiting a while to announce this, but I found it to be right time now. Our decision is based on fact, that we want to have more control over the way we develop, release and finally support all our products later. Support will be provided on our forum WEBSITELINK where registered users that confirm their order numbers will be given access to the support section where they may get any help they need including teamviewer/skype consultation (if necessary). We want to make sure that we can help those who support us if they run into any troubles. You may read more and see some other screenshots on our forum or product site." If you check their website you will be able to find out more. And for you information they are working on 3 products for the moment . Kind regards
  2. Do you mean a completely new scenery or do you mean gayasim paused for a moment and is now continueing?
  3. Indeed. This is also visible in the AIP/CHARTS. https://www.belgocontrol.be/opersite/eaip/eAIP_Main/graphics/eAIP/EBBR_APDC01_v47.pdf
  4. You should be glad that Aerosoft gives us previews, from the start of the project... Many other developers don't. I'm sure that if you didn't know about the project, you wouldn't comment like that, and if the scenery would be released, you would be happy about the quality and that they took their time. We all know the incredible 'Genoa X' made by the same developer (GayaSimulations), doesn't it look awesome? Check the reviews about 'Genoa X'. So let them take their time, so we have the same quality. There are people that take an advantage of having early previews, being excited about the project etc. You don't... It would be a shame if Aerosoft stopped this early preview thing because of people like you. Respect the developers their work, don't be impatient... It will be released when it's ready, that's for sure... As I already stated above they are still in a discussion about the sattelite imagery. Remember that the project was restarted, and be glad about that, they could have said no more Brussels v2.0. It would be very nice if nobody wouldn't comment anymore about: 'Any news' or 'Screenshots' or the other way of saying it 'When will we have some news, it has already been a loooooooooong time'. It all comes to the same: I'm impatient and want to have news asap'. Just wait for the developers, they will choose the right moment... Isn't it nicer to have a present when you didn't know you would get one, in this case another screenshot? I think so... As he says: PATIENCE IS THE KEY WORD HERE! You don't need to account for other people, if they want to give their opinion, they can give it themselves...
  5. As far as I know I saw on Facebook they commented that they are still discussing if they will use the new sattelite imagery, and that the scenery is pretty much completed. Don't shoot me if I'm wrong but Gayasim said it with their account on Facebook, so I think we are pretty close to have another detailed and good scenery released by aerosoft. Everybody should be excited not impatient "Thanks for that tipoff. We already done the modeling and design of Brussels. Just waiting for decision of aerosoft about the satellite- if to stay with the one we got (old one) or to have new and up to date one."
  6. Than I think they are still using the first satelite images, or they are using a default type line (they made for every gate at EBBR) and still need to cut them (idk how GMAX works)... The last sattelite image with the gate lines leading from 2 sides is from, yes, 2012 (july) (5 years ago) (or if we take in mind gate 161 is overshooting, that is since 2009 (8 years ago) )... , so I hope that my second reason (default lines) is the right one... I really hope you guys are using up-to-date sattelite images, but don't take me wrong, the textures look awesome! It is a miracle we can make that kind of sceneries...
  7. Can you check if they come from 2 sides, the gate lines, if you work with Belgocontrol...
  8. I might have missed it, but the lines only come from one side I thought? Will that be changed? Regards
  9. Thanks for answering... I think Brussels Airport is growing very fast at the moment... (in 2020 the A-pier south should start constructions if not earlier; and the new spotting platforms comming soon (probably still in 2017)(I think they are easy to add as an update comparing to the whole airport...) As long as the connector is there (and I see it) and the ground textures are up to date I will very happy... Regards
  10. Hello Those typical white/gray 'runway-borders' aren't there anymore... The runways have changed colours since 2015-2016... Just wanted to let you know.... Don't know if you will/want/can change it? Regards
  11. You're right... And now they started another project: Courchevel... I guess that will slow down the development even more? And don't get me right: it looks awesome!
  12. I totally agree with you, I wrote this comment to fast... I wish it could be removed... Indeed P3D may be better because X-plane his market is so tiny... You've totally convinsed me that when I'll upgrade, it'll be p3d...
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