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  1. When i start up the aircraft all the systems, sounds and controls work perfect but when i get to the FMC i am able to initialize my position but when i go to put the departure airport it freezes then crashes, this issue seems to only happen when i install modern AIRAC cycles (1811-1812) but works fine with the default cycle.
  2. The only CRJ 200 on the market is the Virtualcol crj series but they all lack quality virtual cockpits, is there any way to put the CRJ 700 cockpit on the Virtualcol product or is there a possibility of a CRJ 200 in the works by aerosoft?
  3. I want to know if there is any way of putting the high quality virtual cockpit of the CRj on another model such as the Virtualcol CRJ 200 because the VC on the virtualcol CRJ lacks FMCs and really any specific details but there is no other CRJ 200 products on the market that are of any quality. Thanks, Maxwell
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