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  1. any word? been about a month, also kinda wish i played dcs, the same devs that do the an-2 have an i-16 for dcs..
  2. everything good with the update?
  3. yea, i've noticed..i check at least twice a day lol
  4. thank you for the reply, much appriciated
  5. i decided to check and see if there were any updates to the an2 and it seems there has been, but it wasent updated for this correct? or am i just missing something here? it seems there were also bug fixes that weren't applied to the fsx version as it still says 1.03 while p3d is all means if im missing something here please let me know, i really like the an-2
  6. that ju52 was started something like 4 years ago...i saw it but..i figured it was abandoned or something(glad to see its alive), i also happened to see a b25 that had been abandoned by some company...was a beautiful model..such a shame really and the lack of my kind of aircraft gets to me always pushing for better far as the radio i mean like a satellite radio kinda thing, like what eurotruck sim has for know, something that allowes me to listen to a radio while i fly and not have to tab out, would be a very cool thing to have!
  7. it would be nice to be able to have it start as cold and dark when first starting, but i fully closed the cowl flaps and saw no change in temperature..i mean it was cold out and i was flying so that may have had something to do with it but while on ground i havent really noticed anything
  8. a radio for aircraft. wouldn't have to be super complex, but it would be much appreciated to have..would make flying my an2 even more fun..howabout a b-25? there really isnt one out there thats worth it...(maam sim, but very dated) or a curtiss jenny, maybe a ju-52...those three aircraft would be a good idea for someone to make a solid payware of as the jenny only has the default fs9 model and its bleh...and there isnt a payware ju52 out there...i would love to have either one of those three really..b25 though NEEDS to be done by someone and be given a proper model etc..too good of a plane to pass up..whoever made it would have the market practically to themselves for the b25 or the ju52 and the jenny has her name out there so that would help sell her
  9. Kota Fox

    Matt's An-2s

    these look great, what i would like to see is a fictional repaint of an an2 captured by the us army in vietnam and painted up in army decor lol that would be a pretty neat sight
  10. ah ok, i wasent sure as i havent seen the thread..alot still doesent work, cowl flaps dont do anything to engine temp and oil radiator ahs no effect on the oil temp lol...i guess they are still working on the little details..what about cold and dark? every flight starts with the aircraft running even after i shit her down at the end of the flight, she reloads like new, no fuel or oil used..would be nice to see a consistent aircraft like a2a have in their fleet, unless thats just a bug or is being implemented
  11. when pressing shift+1 a menu pops up, ok i notice you can open the cargo door and apply a heater of some sort, with the an2 in cold and dark i am unable to apply the heater at all..nothing happens, and im unable to open the cargo using the areoflot (i think thats how its spelled) 32314 for my that supposed to be like that or is there an issue here? if its supposed to be that way, ok but if not then well its an issue lol
  12. as of right now everything works as it should, thank you! im here for testing if need be, i would like to help iron out any issues with one of my favorite aircraft of all time
  13. contact me then lol im standing by, its a beautiful aircraft for sure and i wanna put some hours on it so badly, you have no idea..anything i can do to help, im it a big issue though, thats what im wondering..
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