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  1. And I'll be him I think. PM replied to. Non Aerosoft product, so not sure if I should go public. Shaun?
  2. Posted in the wrong place, but two of us have now responded...
  3. I've been out and about around McMurdo, here are a selection of the shots from the trip.
  4. I'll be there too shortly, hope there's a bar!
  5. Glad to see I'm not the only one on Vista 32, but boy do I feel like a dinosaur. This PC feels almost new!
  6. Both of which I'll grab a couple of pics of this evening.
  7. This looks like lovely scenery and I'd add my thumbs up to a scenery package that covered Tromso by the same developer, not just the airport but the island too. I spent a very happy, but expensive month there a few years back.
  8. Hi Dom, it's part of this Antarctica package. I can't imagine there would be any problem you posting the images elsewhere, as long as it was made clear they are representing this Aerosoft project in Beta stage, but it might be worth waiting for confirmation from Sascha as it's his project.
  9. Just wrapped up for a brief visit to SanaeIV.
  10. Sorry for the delay, a couple of setbacks today. Here are three images that display the VC panel for each of the variants included in the package.
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