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  1. Hello are there still updates coming for the Windows version? it's been the third month the latest update thnxx
  2. hello Why always driving the same route to scenes??? Some cars change each time thats it... Is it possible to add more dynamic traffic in this? thnx
  3. Hello Aerosoft, I got a mission with storm damage...and while the KEF vehicle drives to the mission a crossing the KEF vehicle crashes into another vehicle. Can you fix this please?? thnx
  4. Hello Aerosoft, i just bought a new barebone pc, an Intel NUC7i5BNH with an onboard graphics card Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 and i read on your website onboard cards not supported, but i tested it and it works fine. thnx
  5. hello in the mission with a fire in the supermarket, the firefighter which is doing his job inside the magasin, the water is coming out of the building as the screenshot shows Please fix this. thnx notruf112 2017-07-31 19-33-57-25.bmp
  6. Hello In a tree saw mission a bug happens.. When i succesfully cut the tree, at the end you should enter the KEF vehicle again to return to the firehouse. But when i got it, nothing happens anymore, see screenshot Please fix this please;; Thnx notruf112 2017-07-24 20-14-56-79.bmp
  7. Guido Cautreels

    still bugs in latest version

    any news about these bugs?
  8. Guido Cautreels

    still bugs in latest version

    thankx very much and this game rocks!!!
  9. hello folks at crenetic in the latest version still some bugs occur in the game. 1) while returning to the firehouse, while firetruck slow down at the firehouse and turn left to it, cars still crashing into the firetruck while turning. 2) in the mission car fire on the highway, the policecar still drives through the guardrail on the highway Thnx for fixing this
  10. Hello I got a mission named large skip fire at railroad, but when firefighters are there as in the picture, nothing happens anymore. Do i need to do something or what? Please explain or fix bug The firefighter is is in the cabin but doesnt do firefighting thnx notruf112 2017-03-20 20-17-56-63.bmp
  11. Hello Folks at Aerosoft, Found a new bug in the game...I had a mission Car Accident III were a person is trapped in a car. When arriving and stepping out of the vehicle nothing happens further, i keep waiting and waiting... No new instructions were given Please fix this
  12. Guido Cautreels

    Fire truck crashing into cars

    hello will this soon be fixed? as cars still crash into firetrucks which are returning to the firehouse!
  13. hello folks, The fire truck is still crashing into cars on the road. Please fix this!!!
  14. Hello since latest update i found another bug...a firefighter is stuck at a door when a mission with a car fire Please fix! notruf112 2017-01-31 18-12-06-32.bmp
  15. Hello since latest updates which is good, thnx!! i found still a bug... Had a mission with a truck fire, and the police secured the scene, but when arriving the policecar is driving through a small wall See screenshot Thnx for fixing this notruf112 2017-01-27 19-06-28-45.bmp