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  1. -ground friction fix! easier taxi realistic start up procedure please thanks.
  2. bergen... i know tom..but thank you anyhow i ddi all this and still had static aircrafts.. i now deleted my scenery.cfg and reinstalled bergen again, unchecked static aircraft and so far, no static aircrafts visible. would be interesting if they appear again when i check the config tool now again
  3. i did already, they dont had a resolution so far verry strange
  4. thanks for information i deinstalled and reinstalled orbx ges 3rd times now, even with anti virus off when it is deinstalled, i see single buildings, as soon i have it installed again, i see it double..
  5. yes i did already. very strange i still have double buildings. i dont understand this
  6. i use P3dv4.1 with frankfurt v2 pro and orbx germany scenery south. i have double city buildings, is that an orbx problem ? how could i get rid again ? anybosdy could help me to locate the fils to delete those double files ? thank you
  7. the bergen static has stairs, right ? i disabled UT2 live as you said..the UT2 live aircraft disappeared, the others stayed.
  8. i unchecked static aircraft in the tool, deleted .bgl manually but still have static aircraft at the gates in bergen.. who got the same and can help ?
  9. i would like to keep this thema up. any news about ground friction or update ? its so a nice plane with potential, but this friction makes me lazy using it
  10. ..Ho Chi Minh City, Catiglan Boracay, Pnom Penh, stay in aisa.... and please animate the ships laying in the sea, seen on final approach..that view is soo stunning
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