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  1. well then the fs kurir post in facebook i saw, was already wrong interpretated. they talked something from "release closer" and then you could see that 14 days thing link.. anyhow..take your time aerosoft. better as offer a bug thing
  2. dear aerosoft: if i would tell you the release date, and if you release it on this date, (feb.06 2018) would i get a free copy ?
  3. didnt found if already asked before: will true glass be implemented in future ?
  4. Wieland1138

    Bergen how to get rid STATIC Aircraft ? P3DV4

    bergen... i know tom..but thank you anyhow i ddi all this and still had static aircrafts.. i now deleted my scenery.cfg and reinstalled bergen again, unchecked static aircraft and so far, no static aircrafts visible. would be interesting if they appear again when i check the config tool now again
  5. Wieland1138

    Frankfurt V2 PRO double city buildings

    i did already, they dont had a resolution so far verry strange
  6. Wieland1138

    Frankfurt V2 PRO double city buildings

    thanks for information i deinstalled and reinstalled orbx ges 3rd times now, even with anti virus off when it is deinstalled, i see single buildings, as soon i have it installed again, i see it double..
  7. Wieland1138

    Frankfurt V2 PRO double city buildings

    yes i did already. very strange i still have double buildings. i dont understand this
  8. i use P3dv4.1 with frankfurt v2 pro and orbx germany scenery south. i have double city buildings, is that an orbx problem ? how could i get rid again ? anybosdy could help me to locate the fils to delete those double files ? thank you
  9. Wieland1138

    Bergen how to get rid STATIC Aircraft ? P3DV4

    the bergen static has stairs, right ? i disabled UT2 live as you said..the UT2 live aircraft disappeared, the others stayed.
  10. i unchecked static aircraft in the tool, deleted .bgl manually but still have static aircraft at the gates in bergen.. who got the same and can help ?
  11. Wieland1138

    Twin Otter ground friction.

    i would like to keep this thema up. any news about ground friction or update ? its so a nice plane with potential, but this friction makes me lazy using it
  12. Wieland1138

    HTKJ dark at night P3DV4

    ahhhhh.. a light shows up in my mind..
  13. just simple once try to delete the .cfg file and let fsx rebuild a new and see what happens
  14. Wieland1138

    HTKJ dark at night P3DV4

    otto, why did you close the other HTKJ thread ? i still see HTKJ dark at night..no runway lights, no center lights...URB off.. all the background area rather dark i dont remember how it was in P3DV3 but for example OMDB has all lights shown up (2nd picture)