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  1. Have came across a website that is FULL of pirated content for flight simulators on all platforms they also have a discord website what is the fasted way to report this as it contains Aerosoft products
  2. Same here i cant wait for the expansion and the twin otter
  3. I have only done 2 flights in the airbus since buying the CRJ on day of release and just keep going back to the CRJ now its my go to aircraft
  4. Inside that folder you should also have another 4 documents all really helpful to have a good look over
  5. Thank you i got it that night thank you for the prompt reply.
  6. I agree it is a fantastic aircraft and cant wait for the expansion
  7. Another day 1 purchase for me this just looks stunning cant wait to do some island hoping in this
  8. Sounds like a fair compromise lol
  9. Aircraft flys perfectly fine on the flights i have done and i have done allot since buying the aircraft on day one. Not used any other aircraft since.
  10. As tittle suggests can an online mod/admin send me a pm please regarding a member on these forums who goes around downvoting peoples comments just to downvote them. I have the persons name and it is clearly this person when you check there post history.
  11. Just ignore him he is a little troll who goes around downvoting comments when you answer him back. check my profile you will see he has downvoted me constantly for no reason whatsoever just because i answered him back once report him to the admin they will deal with him.
  12. Bit rich coming from you as thats exactly what you have been doing to my comments perhaps take your own advice
  13. and to the person going around downvoting all my comments yes you know who you are and so do i as i see the name grow up. Seems you are known for going around downvoting when people answer you back looking at your post history as well.
  14. Will there be a fix to have the nose wheel turn when you turn the aircraft on the ground. At present it just stays straight when turning on the ground.
  15. The OP is not asking how to start it up they are commenting about the need to pull the levers back to shut the engines down lol
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