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  1. Hello, Is there a way to start CumulusX and WinchX manually instead of starting up with flight sim all the time? Thanks for any help you can give me in this matter, Sincerely, Kit O.
  2. Hello, Thanks that worked. So I guess the wings on the repaint variation are not transparent to begin with, I thought I was doing something wrong. Thanks again for your help, See ya, Rockitglider
  3. Hello, I'm trying to paint the falcon and the fuse comes out ok but the wings and stab are no longer see through after saving the paint, I'm using FS Repaint from Abacus and Paint Shop Pro ver.9.1. It's all I can afford to paint with, can't afford Photoshop. I'm I using the wrong programs? I only aplying color to the fuse parts on the texture, I don't think I'm even touching the wings and stab. Thanks, Edit: BTW I love this plane, it's really good for checking out scenery. Good job very fun plane. Rockitglider
  4. Hello, Thanks for your suggestions, but do you have any links for these? Thanks again, I have downloaded Fraps, and one other that is a trial version, and I have already bought Movavi for converting my cell videos from the RC flying site to my computer. Works well and does alot of other things too. Rockitglider
  5. Hello, Thanks for the replies. I had a very good and long flight, I set the wind for 20kts with gusts to 25 out of the NE, and I started my flight at Honolulu Itnl on the island of Oahu. with a tow plane, I had to get over the peak to the other NE side of the island, but once I got to the NE side I found the lift all along the NE side of the islands ridge. This is a very good place for sloping, and I have Mega screnery installed for this island too so it was a beautiful flight as well. One thing I noticed though is the lift doesn't extend out in front of the ridge very much, seems like I have to stay close to the ridge to get the lift that a 20knt wind should generate. The lift actually should start in front of the ridge like the image you posted shows, but it seems to not extend in front of the ridge enough I'm wondering if I need to set the weather differently, any input would be great. Overall this program works very well. I also got behind the ridge once and fell into sink bigtime , but I was able to get back in front and keep flying, so that is modelled very well. The only problem I'm having with this software is the jitters you describe in the manual when using it in Windows 7. Is there a way to stop the jitters that get saometimes?, also in the manual you mention a dll file to fix this, but it looks like it was for an earlier version so I'm guessing that it was included in version 1.8? I get the jitters still with windows 7 64bit, but not all the time only in some views. Thanks again for your help, having great fun with this program. BTW I used the K version of the Discus for this flight so I could do some aerobatics after diving off the ridge gaining incredible speed! Woohoo! I need to install a video recorder to start recording some of my flights. Any suggestions on a program to use, payware or freeware, doesn't matter. See ya, Rockitglider
  6. Hello, I have been reading the manual for CumulusX! and I am a bit confused, Is the slope or ridge lift gemerated automatically, or does it require the loading of css files? Do I just select wind at the face of a mountain and go flying to achive slope lift or is there other settings that need to be set before slope lift will be generated? Thanks for your help. Sincerely, Rockitglider
  7. Hello, Well I originally bought the full version to stop the jitters when in chase view but it really didn't stop that all the way but it did help it. I really like the tow plane function, being able to use it wherever I want to. I used to use the tow plane with Emma Field alot. I recomend it as it really doesn't cost much and I'm sure alot of work went in to it and still does. I still have not used the ridge lift much as I've been busy chasing thermals , but I will try soon. See ya, Rockitglider
  8. Hello B21, I'll give this PA flight a try for sure, looks like fun. I've tried ridge lift at Andres with a 17knot wind, and it didn't work very well, but that was before I registered the CumulusX!, so I'm going to finish reading the manual before I setup the program for ridge lift again. If you have any tips or setup files you can share, please do. Thanks again for your reply. Rockitglider
  9. Hello again, Ok that is most likely the problem, I'll try releasing the ballast water. It definitely works good for coming home, but the problem is getting a good launch from the winch on a glider that has a motor in it, very heavy for the winch I think. The first time I tried I broke the winch line, so since then I try not to pull up too hard, therefore not getting a very good launch, I try to zoom the launch at the end just before release but I don't get a whole lot of speed built up to climb much. Thanks for your help with this, just want you to know I'm not complaining, just trying to get the best flights possible from your sail planes. Thanks, Rockitglider
  10. OK, Well I did a long flight with the BT and it seems like it takes about an hour to get a thousand feet altitude. Is this correct? I'm flying with Fair Weather set, no wind, maybe that's the problem. I'm keeping the glider just above stall speed climing very slowly, any faster climb and it stalls. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Otherwise the glider flies good, but didn't get to do much with it as I was only able to get to 4500 feet Approx. Made it back to Andres for a smooth landing. Rockitglider
  11. Hello again, I got it running, I had to dive to gain more speed for the motor to start, guess I wan't going fsst enough But thanks for your help. The manual is in kph and the plane is in knots on the speedometer(British Version). It's working well. See ya, Rockitglider
  12. Hello Joachim, OK I load the plane Discus BT at andres field on RWY 28, turn on power to GPS and c4, then start winch launch, after launching I trim the plane for a straight smooth glide, then I extend the motor, turn on ignition, change static to motor, after light turns green I turn on fuel to open, then I pull the decompression lever. Thanks, Rockitglider
  13. Hello, I'm having trouble getting the BT engine going. Since the tow plane won't tow the BT because it has an engine, and the BT won't launch with the engine alone from the ground, I use the winch start to get it airorne then try to activate the engine following the steps on page 37 in the ENG manual, it just won't start. Does anyone have a procedure that works consistently with this version of the Discus. I have no trouble with the BM version, the motor works well on that one. Please help, Thanks, Rockitglider
  14. Hey Matt, I need to get Squakwin? I don't remember you telling me that the other day when I signed up for VAE, where do I get that, and what is it used for? I've never used it before. Do you have a link? Thanks, Rockitglider
  15. Hello, Thanks for the reply, I bought it anyway and it looks good even without the Swiss Pro X Rockitglider
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