We got a new video from World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator and are asking for some alpha/beta testers! Check this post.


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  1. Ash, you may be experiencing the same issue as explained at the beginning of the post. Try setting your Orbx stuff as per the instructions above, be interesting to see if that works.
  2. Paul, trust in the force, help you it will Hopefully speak to you over the next couple days, let's see if we can get a fix for you.
  3. Is that v3 though Paul? May work differently for v3, certainly works for 3 of us in v4.
  4. Ladies and Germs, Just a wee heads up. If, like myself, you have been pulling your hair out in frustration over Team SDB's RAF Binbrook (and others) scenery incompatibility with Orbx England scenery In P3Dv4 please be calmed by this little tidbit.... It does work! A friend recently informed me as to the "fix". Really simple: 1. Open the Orbx FTX Central program 2. Select and click "Settings" 3. Under the Library Insertion point section select: "FTX Entries should be inserted below:" click the small down arrow then highlight the LAST UK addon scenery in your database. 4. Make sure that in: "openLC entries should be inserted below:" window FTX has is present. 5. Save 6. Close FTX Central. 7. Run your P3Dv4, let it redo it's database thing... 8. When you enter your chosen flight .... Tadaaa your Team SDB Binbrook, Coltishall, Wattisham sceneries atc will be working just fine and dandy with no horrible cliffs etc in the terrain mesh. Hope this helps. Pls refer to the attached screenshot of my FTX Central.
  5. Dave, forgive me, I call it old age! I hadnt seen that paint in the aircraft list (new P3D convert) ... When I get a chance to play I will go look for it. My apologies **Hangs his head in shame**
  6. Hi Wingman5... Whilst this may go against the grain seeing as you a 5 fan ( ) but would you consider the black 11 Sqn counter part to match this superb 5 Sqn paint? Thank you for your Lightning paints they are much needed
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