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  1. Posting my most recent screenshot for the benefit and tribute to the Dev and repainter. Many thanks and a very Happy New Year to you both.
  2. Ash, you may be experiencing the same issue as explained at the beginning of the post. Try setting your Orbx stuff as per the instructions above, be interesting to see if that works.
  3. Cheers CameronPerson, just grabbed them. Thanks so much for these paints
  4. I hate to be big headed but we are capable of much better. Back in our Falcon BMS and MS FSX days we were really tight as a group and our formations etc were incredible. Especially our days flying the F-105D. We will get there with the Lightning, will take a while whilst we work out the wrinkles in P3D etc, especially the Multiplayer instability - You may have noticed some really annoying rubber banding and stutters which makes flying a formation extremely difficult.
  5. I hate you D, FINE... I will use the bleeping lever We had an issue with conflicting sceneries so we all ended up spread across a wide area hence why the No.2 man taxied from behind between lead and 3. I daren't tell you what actually happened... Oh ok then as it's you: Lead and No.3 ended near each other on the ramp (I did not have the correct scenery for Valley - My fault) and No.2 ended up way over on the opposite side of the field, either because he is American and likes to be obtuse (jk!) or perhaps he hasn't the the latest version of the RAF Valley scenery either. Well, neither lead nor 3 could see our No.2 man... All of a sudden this wee dot appears on the far end of the runway and down he trots, passes between Lead and No.3, does this rather wonderful 180 behind both waiting Lightnings (getting rather warm and toasty and as you say possibly pebble dashed in the intake) and slots in and announces he is ready to go.... O.o Looked dynamite on video but I wasn't brave enough to include it More time needed in the pre-flight - It's a slow process but we are getting some what standardized, lessons being learnt. We haven't flown all together in a very long time so it's a case of relearning what we learnt about online flying etc. Many thanks for watching & critiquing, giving your hints here and there (I had totally missed the canopy locking lever). Did you like the spin our No.2 man entered at about 13 mins into the vid?
  6. You are always, always more than welcome to join us! Contact me via Skype, name: Ecthaelion or look out for "VAMPYRES" listed within the Hub section of Join FS. If you can't find us in the hub section then the connection address is: 06258-58308 - Would be great to see you there and of course anyone else is welcome.
  7. Gents, A video of that very same Sortie. Pls, pls forgive me for the length it is another 20 minute feature film But at circa 13 mins there is a rather spectacular spin moment Enjoy.
  8. Posting a few screenshots from a recent multiplayer session:
  9. D, there's my challenge... We need to get you on Multiplayer Replied to your PM, many thanks Now... Come fly with us, you will be impressed with my dead stick landings! ... Or either that have a bloody good laugh and enough banter points to last you a year or two ...
  10. Hey D, Just as an update, we flew yesterday (3 ship from Valley up to Kinloss), two guys in F6's and myself in a T5. I tried to AAR as the two F6's pushed on to Kinloss but the old bug returned; very slow to refuel. I grumbled and moaned and made up my mind I wouldn't press it on the forum any further, however I flew singleton today offline (I usually fly with JoinFS running which creates a multiplayer Hub in case anyone comes online and wishes to join me), again with my fav T5 and the AAR worked flawlessly. Sat, worked my two brain cells and booted JoinFS and hey presto the AAR went Tango Uniform again, killed JoinFS, set up P3D again, flew and the AAR worked a treat. Just thought I would mention as this is obviously what is affecting my flying bud as well, as a side note he is an old & bold US Naval Aviator - A4C Skyhawks, and has flown many an AAR sortie as both tanker and receiver, he has a great YouTube channel, if anyone is interested send me a PM and will give the link as I don't want to go away from the Lightning theme here (Link to JoinFS in case there are people not aware of it: )
  11. Sir, you are a saint amongst men, thank you very much
  12. Sir, following on from this conversation (whereby i mentioned I was too fussed about which airframes / paint work) there are two airframes and schemes I would dearly love to see if possible:
  13. D, I am would like to hereby resign my position as a wannabe virtual Lightning pilot and return to the toilet cleaning posting I held previously My most sincere apologies... The Lightning T5 now transfers fuel at a most suitable and satisfying rate. What I had done was to delete the original DLL file, drop in the new one as posted here originally then I proceeded to rename it to LightningT5.dll and I didn't alter the Panel.cfg - I think I must have misread the instructions given - So I followed your last instructions to the Tee then lo and behold the bleeping thing works a treat. Once again I will say that your patience knows no bounds and many thanks for showing me the light once again.
  14. Eivin, thank you, happy you enjoyed.
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