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  1. Im a fan of your busses for a long time and have been expecting for this 64bits version for Prepar3d 4.3. Now im on my first flight on the A320 Pro, so far so good! Amazing plane! I would suggest a livery download tool if that´s on your plans.
  2. Will the Pro Series provide efficient livestock Air transportation? I mean, what about taking some horses up in the air? Thanks.
  3. Thats a good question but i bet the answer will be : Please contact FSFX devs
  4. All this waiting time just made me a pro pilot on PMDG planes but the 747, this one is a Challenger... anyway, i can't wait for the new Professional versions, i miss the A320 and looking foward for the A330, true glass, yep.. i can't wait for those. Please change from very early 2018 to very very very early 2018
  5. Im looking for that profile too, anyone? I downloaded every single one on the site but no Phenom 300 avaible on PFPX list. Thanks in advance!
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