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  1. Trevor11350

    The Aerosoft A330X Paint Wishlist

    Thomas Cook A330-300 OY-VKF
  2. Trevor11350

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Anyone mind enlightening me on which tv shows and movies that the AS busses will be shown on?
  3. Trevor11350

    P3D A320 Logging Fail & other

    No I never said that I was using P3D - I am using FSX:SE and it's been fine before on the same pc installed into the same place.
  4. Trevor11350

    P3D A320 Logging Fail & other

  5. Trevor11350

    P3D A320 Logging Fail & other

    I’m using FSX SE and it is installed in program files however this is a re installation and the buses worked fine before.
  6. Trevor11350

    P3D A320 Logging Fail & other

    I install fine but when I load into the sim it says Error: LoggingFailed and then all the issues that you have and the cockpit states don’t change or anything.
  7. Trevor11350

    P3D A320 Logging Fail & other

    Hello, I have the same issue, did you manage to sort it?
  8. Trevor11350

    Repaint request

    Hey would love to see G-POWN jet2 leases A321 w/ CFM engines.
  9. Nice work, I'm no expert and please don't tell me off but on the interior and exterior, I feel that the cockpit window sizes are off.
  10. Weather such as meta mr and taf or messages from the airline or atc
  11. Stefan, what I said is not an attempt to "degrade" the work that the guys at aerosoft have put in and made a very popular aircraft for our sims. In fact I asked this to be curious. I think that you're work is great and did not mean to cause any upset. HOWEVER, as a customer of aerosoft I do not feel that the arrogance used was fair, I mean no harm or upset and ask that we forget about this and move on.
  12. Because I heard that the updated busses are going to be as good as the other one. This intrigues me as I have both.
  13. Will all of the switches (maybe not circuit breakers ) be modelled if this IS to be AS good as the fslabs beauty?