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  1. No this menu is just meant to configure the aircraft at the beginning of the flight. Everything later has to be done by the pilot. If you want your aircraft to be set later (what could be compared to cheating ), you have to use the instructor mode. Sorry, everything else would make the realistic mode useless.
  2. With the new update we are working on, the menu should always appear... No need for aircraft reload then.
  3. As far as it seems now, the problem that occured at some users, have been solved. I am waiting for some other fixes and also have some issues on my list before packing everything together for a patch.
  4. Frank und ich haben am Samstag über das Problem gesprochen. Leider ist das Verkleinern der Texturen im Moment der einzige Schritt, den ich zur Lösung beitragen kann. Was für eine Grafikkarte verwendest Du? Wieviel Speicher und vorallem welche Bitrate hat sie?
  5. I could have found a solution for the problem. If there is anyone willing to help me testing it out, please leave a private message. Thanks!
  6. Hallo Stephan, Ich vermute, dass es nur beim ersten Flug einer FSX Session passiert. Lade mal das Flugzeug neu. Entweder es hat mit dem Standardflug zu tun oder mit dem FSX. Die Panel.cfgs unterscheiden sich nur in den auskommentierten Gauges, an den Panelgrößen etc. wurde nichts geändert. Viele Grüße, Marcel
  7. Good hint! After the last reinstall of my system I am in the lucky situation, that my textures are always reloaded. That has not been the case in the years before, also the hardware did not change.
  8. Es war zumindest Absicht, dass die Katana so klingt, wie die Katana, mit der ich geflogen bin. Mir gefällt der Aussensound auch besser...aber das wäre dann nicht sehr realistisch gewesen.
  9. I suggest to copy the texture to one of the livery folders and not to edit that one in the general texture folder. So only one painting will be influenced. On some systems the FSY has to be restarted to se changes on the textures. The may stay in the memory and the changes will not be visible without a FSX restart. Just edit the alpha channel to make the window transparent.
  10. It may also have consequences on other parts of the add-on...not only those two files.
  11. No, it has to be an INT texture, not EXT (external)...
  12. I am not at home so I can't give you the files names, but they should inclus *GLA* or something like that. The reflection is on the bitmap, the alpha channel controls the transparency. You could browse the files with imagetool.exe from the FSX SDK.
  13. Yes, very important. Only re-add those lines, please do not use previously edited config files!
  14. A cockpit cover could be a nice addition but would need many polygons. And I don't know if I want to make the systems even more complex know. In the next weeks I will photograph an eclipse and doing sound and video recordings. That cockpit will inluence the included avionics. Please keep in mind that I want to do them realistic and that causes much work. So maybe in the far future there will be new cockpit variants as add-ons. But first I want to invest my time mainly in the Eclipse and the Porter. The Katana should have already plenty enough features.
  15. Try to hold the cabin as warm as possible... glad you like it!
  16. The window should stay there long enough but I beliefe that many of the virtual pilots may not want to click everytime before the flight. ;-) There may be another avionic build in so I don't know if there is space left on the panel texture file for another gauge...
  17. Changes and new features that are completed and will come with Version 1.03: [NEW] More FSUIPC input options for controller buttons [NEW] More realistic wind sounds [NEW] Some more 'easter eggs' [FIXED] Elevator Anti-Servo Tab Changes and new features that are completed and will come with Version 1.02: [NEW] This major feature will not be announcend. Users have to find out... [NEW] An INOP GPS unit for those who do not want to use a GPS at all [NEW] Control surfaces will move according to the wind conditions of controls are not fixed at ground [NEW] The initiation window shall appear also if the Katana is default aircraft. A button 'none' will close the window without selection [NEW] Fly can be removed with vacuum cleaner or cleaning service [NEW] Oil Filter added to Instructor Panel [NEW] Aircraft can be reloaded from the Setup Menu [NEW] New Aircraft: D-ENIG [FIXED] Shading problem at the fuselage [FIXED] Cylinder Head temperature got very high on some systems while using carb heat [FIXED] Service: Cleaning aircraft never stopped [FIXED] Service: Inlet Baffle advice [FIXED] Payload: Copilot Weight not set [FIXED] Quick Setup: Pre Takeoff not selectable [FIXED] Starter in Simple Mode [FIXED] CDI not working in Simple Mode [FIXED] Temperature Sensor not always accessable [FIXED] Oil Advices sometimes not logical [FIXED] Gap between canopy and fuselage [FIXED] Engine does not run with full RPM while standing still
  18. I am just about to travel to northern germany for the FS-conference and hopefully be able to talk with Mathijs. So I won't be in the forum until tomorrow evening. Thanks for the feedback to all of you! Bill, is it possible to disable the ORBX sounds at all to test if there is a conflict between both systems? With FSX you never know what is being loaded although not being at an airfield with sound enviroment... Greetings, Marcel
  19. Thats normal. panel1 is without the sound module, panel2 without the loading/saving modul. So it seems that the sound modul is the problem. Can that be confirmed?
  20. Thanks for your efforts and sharing the information! I just want to mention that adding an autopilot or chaning the panel.cfg and aircraft.cfg could cause problems with further updates and will not be supported. So please keep that in mind and the original files somewhere.
  21. Thanks mate! Could you also test the panel2 cfg file? That will disable savings, so you will have to use Instructor Mode.
  22. Good point. For panel2 you will have to use instructor mode. Panel1 realistic mode. Thanks for the hint!
  23. Thanks for the feedback! Would be great if you could test the other files also so that I know which module is causing the problem. As written in the manual: In Instructor and Simple Mode, the aircraft will be new every time loaded. So the hobbs meter is intended to show zero hours.
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