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  1. I can only find that from fly-sea charts and I can't find EGPH charts from fly-sea
  2. I know what the baro is but I don't know where to get the baro from
  3. Hi, when I am on the APPR phase page I see BARO and RADIO what should be entered in there.
  4. I Have a low end laptop for now Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200U CPU 2.20 GHz RAM 3.92 GB 64-bit Operating System fsx.cfg is in Appdata/Roaming/Microsoft/FSX default livery doesn't work
  5. Hi, first of all if I am posting this in the wrong place then my apologies secondly I have some a problems with the Aerosoft A318/A319 the wings are missing the engines are missing and the back landing gear is missing it was working fine up until about two weeks ago any suggestion please.
  6. I sent Aerosoft an Email to ask them if they have a release date and they said in the fourth quarter of this year so any time from now to December
  7. Hi, I have a Problem with Madeira X Evolution the lead on lights are missing I have sode 1.4.1 installed but its still missing any advice.
  8. no if I click on parking brake it takes me to the overhead panel. 2017-5-23_13-49-6-151.BMP
  9. Hi. I have a problem when I start a checklist and I click on any of the controls it takes me to the wrong view any help will be nice.
  10. thanks I will try both Gimp and Photoshop.
  11. Hi. I was wondering how do you create your own livery on the airbus x and what addons do you need.
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