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  1. Issue, as seen in video. Help please, ollie.
  2. Can Aerosoft provide a list of repaints for the A330, e.g. Monarch airlines (Even though they went bust!)?
  3. At the minute condor is very good I'm using it Looking forward to this though.
  4. How realistic will the physics be? I'm training to go solo and would like a very realistic simulator in terms of actually flying. I know there's condor 2, but that's £60.
  5. Ok, will try this and tell you if I notice a change. Thanks, Ols.
  6. Fixed issue. I went to camera.cfg and changed Clip mode to Clipmode=minimum. 😆
  7. Hi, when I am in the cockpit the SODE jetway textures disappear when I get closer to them in the cockpit. Please help. Thanks Ols.
  8. I have an extremely dark cockpit. I use default shaders with dynamic lighting and HDR enabled. In the daytime the cockpit is beautiful and by night it almost looks like the textures are missing. Please help me add more brightness to the cockpit at night time. Thanks Ols.
  9. Hi with your K21 Glider is there any way to turn off the vairo without turning off the master switch -Thanks Ollie
  10. WOW I can't wait! You probably don't want to give a time frame, but Im assuming in a year or so we could see this new AES? -Ollie
  11. Ok I don't want to sound bossy here, but can you make a new version of AES which doesn't use vistamare, or would that require a whole new software? -Ollie
  12. Been reading other posts, can you explain why vistamare is such an important file? Can you use an alternate? -Ollie
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