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  1. Hi I have made a video covering the hot weather ops for the A320 family. Enjoy
  2. ols500

    No paper

    Ok then, strange as it worked in earlier versions.
  3. ols500

    No paper

    Yes,, uninstalled the old version before new install. EFB is on this version so defininalty the updated version. Ollie
  4. ols500

    No paper

    Hi I updated still see no paper any other ideas?
  5. Hi, On the lower ECAM, on the ELEC page, can someone explain what "TR" means, it is a machine which converts AC power to DC? Thank you, Ollie.
  6. ols500

    No paper

    It says: *** A NEW INSTALLER IS AVAILABLE FOR THIS PRODUCT. *** *** PLEASE DOWNLOAD IT FROM YOUR SHOP ACCOUNT! *** Do I need to re-install for the new update? Thanks, Ollie.
  7. ols500

    No paper

    The aeorosft a320 series
  8. ols500

    No paper

    Hi Dave, After fixing my fuel planner by reinstallsation, I have the version, as the causes trim issues with the fuel planner. Thanks, Ollie.
  9. ols500

    No paper

    Hi I get invisable paper when printing, can i have some help fixing? Thanks, Ollie.
  10. Hi Dave, I have the Thanks.
  11. Hi I only have a319/a321 series, not the A330, but still have the fuel planner issue of trim values saying 0. Please help, thanks Ollie.
  12. Hi, On PF everything is smooth, controls fine, when I switch to PM, controls are sluggish and my aircraft jumps in the air sometimes. Also, I couldn't get the IRS to align or the autothrottle to engage (autothrottle button went to green, no "Max flex or Man toga". Are these known issues? Lastly, I saw a post from this guy: I have the latest version,, do still need this? Many thanks, Ollie.
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